on holding an international scientific and practical conference




May 14-15, 2021

Tashkent Financial Institute

holds an international scientific and practical conference on the topic: «National and International Actual Questions of Contemporary Finance»


National and foreign scientists, professors and teachers of leading economic universities and scientific institutions, practitioner specialists in the field of finance, doctoral students, independent researcher, undergraduates and students are invited to participate in the conference.



1. Modern concepts and views on the theory of finance.

2. Controversial issues of fiscal policy.

3. Optimization and efficient management of public debt. 4. Public procurements: modern issues and solutions.

5. Topical issues of expanding the financial capabilities of local governmental authorities.

6. National and international features of the development of the alternative financing system.

7. National and foreign practice of developing corporate finance and improving the efficiency of the capital market.

8. Development of international financial institutions and financial relations.


Requirements for abstracts:

  • thesis should be submitted on topical issues of the conference, based on scientific analysis, with conclusions, including scientific and practical recommendations, without spelling errors, with a completed author's application form;
  • materials can be submitted in Uzbek, Russian and English;
  • the design of the edited text of the abstract is made on A4 paper, with margins: upper and lower by 2 cm, left 3 cm and right by 1.5 cm. The heading is placed in the center
  • of upper part, then after 1.5 line spacing must be indicated in full surname, name and patronymic of the author, scientific degree and title, position, organization name, contact phone number and e-mail address of the author. Below, after 1 spacing, the text of the thesis is placed with 1.5 line spacing. The text is typed in MS Word, font Times New Roman, 14 pt, 1.5 spacing, no hyphenation, width justified, at least 3 pages.

Material structure:

1. Brief annotation (2-3 sentences), keywords (5-6 units);

2. The present problems within the framework of the topic under consideration; 3. Ways to solve problems;

4. Scientifically based proposals and recommendations;

5. Bibliography.

Deadline for abstracts. Those wishing to take part in the conference should send abstracts to the organizing committee at the email address below by May 12, 2021.

In the submitted materials, it is important to accurately indicate the section of the conference. The authors themselves are responsible for the accuracy of the information presented in the abstracts and the presence of plagiarism.

The organizing committee reserves the right to edit the submitted abstracts. Materials that do not correspond to the topics of the conference, do not meet the requirements for the design of abstracts, as well as do not have scientific and practical recommendations and late submitted materials are not included in the collection and are not returned to the authors.

In order to publish the conference materials as a collection and for administration fees 20 000 sum is charged for each page from conference participants. Free for foreign participants.

Contact information: Tashkent city, A. Temur street, house 60a, the building of the Financial faculty (111-room), the department "Finance".

Additional information by phone: +998-71-234-04-79 (department);
+998-97-480-88-09 (Rano Tashmatova), +998-97-708-27-38 (Khotamjon Kabulov)

The electronic version of the materials should be sent to the following address: e-mail: The subject of the letter should be indicated as “Thesis for the conference”.

Based on the epidemiological situation, the conference can be held offline and online.











Father name


Place of study / work


Position held


Academic degree


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Name of material


Section number and name



* Filled in personally by the author without using abbreviations.

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