Karimqulov Jasur Imomboyevich
Karimqulov Jasur Imomboyevich




         Karimkulov Jasur Imambayevich

From September 11, 2017:Vice Rector for Science and Innovation of the Tashkent Institute of Finance

Date of birth:    22.12.1982

Place of birth:     Tashkent region Parkent district

Nationality:  Uzbek

Party membership:   nonpartisan

Education:  Higher

Graduated (when and where):   2006 -Tashkent Institute of Finance (full-time)

Specialty:   economist 

Academic degree:  Candidate of Economic Sciences

Academic title:  No title

What foreign languages ​​are fluent in:  Russian, Ingliz

Does government awards:   does not have

Is a people's deputy, a member of central, republican, provincial, urban district and other elected bodies (specify fully): does not have


                                                LABOR ACTIVITY


2000-2004  - Student of Tashkent Institute of Finance


2003-2004 – Specialist of “Камолот”   Tashkent Institute of Finance  


2004-2006  -  Magistracy at Tashkent Institute of Finance 


2005-2006  - Teacher of Banking department , Tashkent Banking college


2006-2010  - Assistant of   Financial Market and Securities Department  Tashkent Financial Institute


2011-2012   - Senior Teacher, Financial Market and Securities Department of Tashkent Financial Institute


2012-2013  - Deputy Dean for Research Affairs of the Faculty of Financing Investments of the Tashkent Financial Institute


2013-2015 - Deputy Head of the Department of Magistracy and Acting Associate Professor, Department of Financial Management, Tashkent Financial Institute


2015-2017  - Dean of the faculty budget accounting and state funds of Tashkent financial Institute 2017-2018  - Vice Rector for Science, Tashkent  Institute of Finance


2018 -  to the present   - Vice Rector for Science and Innovation of the Tashkent Institute of Finance



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