Department of "Finance"
Department of "Finance"





Head of department : Malikov Toxir Sattorovich

  Recipient time: 1400 – 1700

  Telephone : (72)234 0479


History of the department


The Department of Finance of the Tashkent Institute of Finance contributes annually to the training of qualified personnel who are active in many sectors of the economy of our country. Specialists trained on the basis of this department conduct their activities in the financial-banking, tax, customs and other sectors of the economy. Currently, the department "Finance in the educational direction of the bachelor" is taught by more than 1350 students, in the specialties of the magistracy "5A230604 International Finance" and "5A230601 Public Finance Management" more than 60 students are studying.


The Department of Finance is the first department of the Institute since its foundation in 1933. In 1941, the head of the department was Professor Schmidt A., and under his leadership in 1943 was founded postgraduate study. After Professor A. Schmidt, the department was headed by Professor Tagaev I., then Kariev M. From 1959 to 1989, the department was headed by Kh. Sabirov. In 1989-2011 years. K. Yakhyayev, associate professor S. Nuritdinov, associate professor Z. Srojiddinova, associate professor N. Jumaev, associate professor H. Jamalov, professor N. Khaydarov, associate professor G. Yakhshibaev, associate professor K. Karimov, associate professor U. Burkhanov, associate professor, K.Sharifkhodjaeva, associate professor  O. Kamolov. Since 2017 the department is headed by Doctor of Economics, Professor Malikov Tohir Sattorovich.



  At present, the department has established cooperative relations with such leading national and international higher educational institutions that train specialists in the financial and economic sphere. With Banking and Finance Academy of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent State Economic University, Karshi Engineering and Economics Institute, Russian Academy of Economics named after G.V. Plekhanov, Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov, St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance. At the same time, department has established close ties with personnel customers - organizations such as the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan, its territorial departments and departments, Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan and its territorial divisions, State Tax Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan and others.



To date, the department consists of 60 professor-teachers, including 6 doctors of science, professors, 16 associate professors, 24 senior lecturers and 14 assistants. They will introduce active activity in the department. At the present time, the main staff of the department is 40% of the faculty, with a scientific potential of 31%.


The main goal of the department


    The goal of the department is to train specialists, economists, specialists, who meet the world standards and meet the modern requirements specified in the National Program for Personnel Training, as well as the priority tasks emanating from the law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On Education".

Educational-methodical work


The educational process of the department is organized according to the State Educational Standard. Currently, teachers of the department conduct classes in 6 disciplines in the baccalaureate and in 7 disciplines in the magistracy. Professors - teachers of the department T. Malikov and N. Khaydarov on a regular basis conduct for the students seminars and consultations on topical issues with the leading economists of the republic.


In the baccalaureate:



• "Finance";

• "Financial control";

• "International financial relations";

• "Theory of financial risks";

• " Financial risks";

• "State budjet"

• "Actual problems of finance"

• “Basis of professional activity”

• “Financial software complexes”


In the magistracy:


• "Management of public finances";

• "International finance";

• "Budget and Tax Policy";

• "Public Debt Management";

• "Financing of the social sphere";

• "Financial risk management";

• "Analysis of international stock markets"

• "Methodology of scientific creativity"


In 2016-2019, 45 teachers were sent to retraining courses, of which 3 were online.


Scientific-research activities



The scientific-research activity of the department is aimed at "O’zbekiston Respublikasi moliya tizimini takomillashtirish yo’nalishlari". The scientific-research activity of the department involves pedagogical cadres, scientific applicants and independent researchers. At present, each member of the department conducts scientific activities on its topic and in parallel publishes scientific articles in republican economic journals on the topic of their  scientific work.


Research activities of the pedagogical staff of the department and their results are discussed every month at a meeting of the department. The level of coverage of research activities of pedagogical staff of the department is 90 percent. Sh.Jalilov, Sh.Rajabov, M.Pulatova, D.Rustamov and J.Ataniyazov successfully defended their PhD and MSc thesis at the Banking and Finance Academy of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Scientific Councils of the Tashkent Financial Institute, and successfully passed the Economic Studies of the Higher Attestation Commission PhD (Doctor of Philosophy), DsC (Doctor of Philosophy).



Over the past 5 years, the following monographs have been published: Sh.Jalilov "The tasks of improving the mechanism of taxation of enterprises of fuel energy", D. Rustamov "Ways to improve the efficiency of social insurance", B. Mamatov, I. Kuliev, M. Pulatova, "Solvency assessment practice clients and its improvement in commercial banks of the Republic of Uzbekistan ".


In 2017 a monograph was published by J. Atanizov "Formation of Financial and Industrial Groups: Theoretical and Practical Aspects and Forecasts", also published by D. Rustamov, M. Abdullaeva, Z. Jumanazarova "Pension System of Foreign Countries".


At the republican level: a student of the finance and economics faculty of the MM-61 group, Fakhriddinov Zafar led by the senior teacher of the Department of Finance Sharapova M.A., participated in the national stage of the Olympiad in the field of Finance-Credit.


The pedagogical staff of the department in the framework of scientific research activity publishes scientific articles in scientific journals. In particular, faculty members of the faculty S. Nuritdinov, N. Jiyanova, O. Komolov, A. Shernayev, J. Athyazov, E. Akhunova, H. Ahmedov, V. Nuritdinova M. Sharapova, R. Tashmatova, N. Ismoilova, A. Umarova, Sh. Rajabov, I. Suleimanov, Sh. Shermukhamedova, F.Musaeva, M.Abdullaeva, F.Zayniddinov, S.Allayarov, N.Xidirov, S.Tuhtabaeva and others published articles in foreign and local journals in 2017-2018.


In the 2017-2018 academic year teachers of the department published 61 scientific articles, including 15 foreign (2 Croatian, 13 Russian) and more than 150 scientific theses, including 15 in foreign countries.


At the same time, 18 teachers of the department actively participated in the events and internships organized in our country and were awarded certificates of these organizations.


Also in the current academic year, teachers of the department received author's certificates for 1 electronic textbook and 1 electronic training manual.


N. Khaydarov, T. Malikov, O. Komolov, Sh. Sultanov, Q. Chinqulov conduct research work ITD-2 "The role of financial institutions in the development of the service sector" practical studies.


In addition, the department established cooperation with the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, Investments and Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan.


Information on innovative cooperation between higher educational institutions, science and production of the department "Finance".


Before the Department of Finance for 2017-2018 academic years, there are tasks to organize and develop innovative cooperation between higher education institutions, science and industry, the formation of innovative groups of educators, personnel, representatives of manufacturing enterprises, research workers, applicants, doctoral students, undergraduates and students.


In 2018 the department "Finance" concluded contracts with the following enterprises:


  • - “Sino Industrial Tashkent” farm (2,000,000 soums);
  • - "CENTILSOTHIS ADVISORY" farm (10 000 000 soums).

For 2017-2018 academic years, based on these projects, it is planned to organize educational and scientific seminars that will be aimed at ensuring financial stability and solving the problems of economic entities, and also by studying the scientific and technological problems of enterprises, which in the future will help to form topics on special disciplines, course and final qualification works, as well as master's theses, (PhD, DofS) and the development of proposals and direction of the solution.

In November 2017 as a result of the training seminars held by the teaching staff of the Department of Finance special for the farm "Arslon Asri" on the basis of the concluded economic agreement "On the provision of innovative services and cooperation among themselves" for the number 1-B dated May 10, 2017 the equipment for the amount of 9 040 000 soums was issued.


Spiritual and educational work


At the department, spiritual and educational work is conducted on the basis of an approved work plan. Teachers instruct students on approved work plans, work on the basis of the principle of " Ustoz-shogird ". In addition, within the weeks and days of spirituality of the department, several events are organized for the formation of spiritually mature youth and useful leisure. In particular, round tables and meetings with students are held on different topical topics. Visits are organized to the sights of the city of Tashkent and the republic with the participation of students.

In order to consistently implement the tasks envisaged by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan for PD No. 2124 of February 6, 2014, " O‘zbekiston Respublikasida yoshlarga oid davlat siyosatini amalga oshirishga qaratilgan qo‘shimcha chora-tadbirlar to‘g‘risida" with spiritual, moral and educational significance for students, in faculties and dormitories, a number of spiritual, educational, socio-political, educational events are held.

Department of "Finance" conducts the spiritual and educational activity of the department on the basis of the plan of spiritual and enlightenment work with young people for the 2018-2019 academic year.

According to this plan, a number of events are being organized within the Week for the purpose of forming students' spiritual well-being and their leisure time.



In this academic year, 19 teachers of "Finance" department acted as mentor-trainers.

Department of "Finance" conducts the spiritual and educational activity of the department on the basis of the plan of spiritual and enlightenment work with young people for the 2018-2019 academic year.

According to this plan, a number of events are being organized within the Week for the purpose of forming students' spiritual well-being and their leisure time.

In this academic year, 19 teachers of "Finance" department acted as mentor-trainers. On the 14th of September, 2018, within the week of the Department of "Finance" of the Faculty of Finance and Economics held a roundtable with the students on the topic “Aziz va yagonamsan, jonajon O‘zbekistonim” dedicated to the 27th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan.



On November 10, 2018, in the framework of the Week, a spiritual and educational event on “Ta’lim va hayot”  was held to implement the measures aimed at implementing the state youth policy in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The event was attended by Dean of the Faculty of Spiritual and educational work O.Hamdamov, the head of "Finance" T.S.Malikov, the teachers of the department and the first year students of the faculty. 1st year students of faculty.

The head of the Finance Department, Prof. T. Malikov, congratulated the students who have been enrolled this year and wished them success in their studies.

In the 9th IDU in Yunusabad district on November 15 as a result of practical work on further strengthening of cooperation with higher education institutions, as well as practical work on schoolchildren's professional orientation, the open lesson on the subject " Mening kasbim-mening iqbolim " was held. On November 15, the open lesson on the subject " Mehnatning tagi rohat " was held. On November 3, 2018 a round table with the chairman, secretary and activists of the "Finance" department of the Tashkent financial institute and "Abdurahmon Jamiy" mahalla citizens' assembly was held.


It can be said that the department of "Finance" has become a good tradition for the employees of the retirement labor veterans.



    All the events organized at the Institute will be attended by veterans of our pension, congratulations on special gifts. For example, prof. For many years at the Department of Finance. F.Shamsiddinov is frequently visited by Prof. T.S.Malikov, the head of the department. On the 28th of September, 2018, the faculty of "Finance" held a meeting with the female teachers and employees of the department where they met with veterans of retirement.



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