Department of “Uzbek and foreign languages”
Department of “Uzbek and foreign languages”

  Information about the heads of the department


  Head of the department :   Husanov Nishonboy Abdusattorovich

  Время приёма: 1400 – 1700

  Телефон:  (0 371) 234-25-19


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History of the department

       From 1991 to 1996, the department was headed by Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor D. Gulyamova, from 1996 to this day, the head of the Department is Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor N. Husanov.

       The department of "Uzbek and Russian languages" was founded in 1991. The Law "On Education" and "On the State Language" also the "National Training Program" of the Republic of Uzbekistan provides for the teaching of the Uzbek language as a second (state) language in Russian-speaking groups and the improvement of the Russian language in national groups, which is one of the world languages. In accordance with the decision of the Institute’s Council dated July 6, 2019 No. 11/11, as a result of the merger of the departments of “Uzbek and Russian languages” and “Foreign languages”, the department was renamed the department of “Uzbek and foreign languages”. In the 2019-2020 academic year, the total staff of the department is 40.5 staff units. Currently, the staff of the department consists of 45 teaching staff, including 1 doctor of sciences, professor, 3 candidates of sciences, associate professor, 25 senior teachers, 16 teachers. The scientific potential of the department is 11.5%. The average age of members of the department is 44 years, 8 pensioners.

Professors and teachers of the department conduct lessons on following    specialities


100000– Humanitarian;

200,000 - Social, economics and law;

110000 - Pedagogy;

230000 - Economy;

52306000 - Finance;

5230700 - Banking;

5230900 - Accounting in the audit;

Штатная единица кафедры

       В 2019-2020 учебном году общий штат кафедры составляет 40,5 штатных единиц. В настоящее время коллектив кафедры состоит из 45 педагогических кадров, из них 1 доктор наук, профессор, 3 кандидата наук, доцента, 25 старших преподавателя, 16 преподавателей. Научный потенциал кафедры составляет 11,5%. Средний возраст членов кафедры 44 года, 8 пенсионеров.

Teaching staff of the department

Photo F.I.O Degree Е-mail

Saparov Aktam Jurayevich



Бердиева Мукаррама


к.ф.н., доц
3 Diyorova Nargiza Senior teacher
4 Shermuxamedova Surayo Nigmatullayevna Senior teacher
5 Maxkamova Shaxnoza Tuychiboyevna Teacher
6 Dilmurodova Nilufar Asatullayevna Senior teacher
7 Xujaqulova Raʼno Sharipovna Senior teacher xo’
8 Saloxojayeva Farangiz Amonxoʻjayevna Teacher
9 Авезова Мохигул Рустамовна Преп.
10 Арипова Машкура Хабибуллаевна Ст.преп

11 Хошимова Наргиза Гиясовна Ст.преп
12 Ibragimova Feruza Xolboyevna доц
13 Исламова Тохира Рихсибаевна Стар.преп
14 Ивлиева Галина Гафуровна ст.преп
15 Эрданова Севара Анваровна преп
16 Мадалиева Дилафруз  Бахадыровна Преподаватель
17 Закирова Дилором Юлдашевна ст.преп
18 Сатторова Марифат Артиковна Преподаватель
19 Муродова Насиба Тургунбаевна ст.преп

Teaching and methodical activity


In accordance with the approved curriculum, the department conducts classes in the following disciplines:


Uzbek language;

    English language;

    French language;

    German language;

   Russian language;

Business communication and academic writing.

Masters :

    Practical English

       The department has been updated in the disciplines for the 2018-2019 academic year. During the school year, educational-methodical complexes are gradually being improved on the basis of adopted new laws, decrees of the President of Uzbekistan, government decrees, changes and additionals introduced in  the laws of the Republic. On the basis of acquired skills during advanced training, teachers of the department introduce pedagogical and information technologies in their lecture and seminar classes. Teachers of the department prepared and published textbooks, teaching manuals, training  programs, teaching materials, student workbooks and others.

Scientific research work of the department


The department prepared and published monographs, scientific articles, abstracts of conferences.

The department conducts research work on the formation of economic terminology, lexical features of the Uzbek,English , French, German and Russian languages. With the increase of student quota, the staff of the department is constantly working on new skills and knowledge to improve their teaching skills and work with students.


Over the years, many teachers have been able to grow their knowledge abroad. In the United States (M.Nabiyeva, M.Aripova) in India (G.Gulahmedova, M.Aripova), in Germany (N.Muradova). In order to improve their qualification, pedagogues and staff participate in video conferencing, international organizations events, Goethe Institute DAAD, and at the World Languages University.

At the moment when the foreign languages are paying much attention, our pedagogical staff develops their scientific and creative abilities, publishes monographs and scientific articles (N.Muradova, F.Ibragimova). Teaching methodical manuals: M. Sattorova, N.Muradova, F.Ishanxodjayeva, and members of the chair are working on many didactic teaching aids. Moreover, professors and teachers of the department of foreign languages regularly publish their scientific articles in the prestigious magazines such as "World of Science", "World social science" and "Danish scientific jounal".

 In connection with the adoption of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On Measures to Further Improve the Foreign Language Learning System", foreign teachers are making significant efforts to increase their professional knowledge. 1 of them are IELTS and 9 have SEFR certifications.

Leading teachers with years of experience teach young people how to improve their pedagogical skills, and the use of modern pedagogical technologies in their lessons has been a great success.


The department published: monographs of the Doctor of Philology N. Husanov “O‘zbek antroponimlari tarixi”, “Shayx Sulaymon Buxoriy”, the scientific brochure “Amir Temur syimosi” by Associate Professor D. Rasulmuhamedova, Russian-Uzbek dictionary of economic terms by Assistant Professor A. Saparov. For the 2018/2019 academic year, the faculty of the department published 7 scientific articles in foreign scientific journals, such as "Philological Sciences" (Tambov, Russia), "Bulletin of Modern Science" (Vologograd, Russia), "Actual problems of humanitarian and natural sciences ”(Moscow, Russia), 6 scientific articles in the republican journals , 7 scientific thesises including collections of scientific conferences abroad, 23 scientific thesises in collections of republican scientific conferences.

Cultural and educational work of the department


      The faculty of the department takes an active part in the spiritual and educational work of the institute.

According to the plan of the spiritual and educational work of the department, events are held dedicated to the life and work of Alisher Navoi, Zakhiriddin Muhammad Babur, Amir Timur, Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin, to the Day of the State Language and the International Day of Languages. Events are held in all faculties and in the student’s hostels of the institute

In the execution of the Order of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On the creation of a commission for the development of a system for publishing and distributing books, raising and promoting the culture of reading”, the department conducted a contest “The best reader” in several stages, in which more than 3000 students participated. The best students of all faculties of the institute competed in the final stage of the competition.

The teachers of the department are the curators of the academic groups of the faculty “Management”. On November 18, 2018 there was held a public lecture on "Fashion and Style" with the participation of teachers and students of the 2nd Academic Lyceum under the Memorandum of Understanding on Dressing Ethics of female students at the Institute.

On May 5, 2018 round table discussion on "May 9th - Day of Memory and Honor" with teachers and students of the 2 nd academic lyceum under the auspices of the Foreign Languages Department of Tashkent Financial Institute . In May 2018 in connection with the "May 9 Memory and Honors Day" within the framework of the Sports and Recreation Center of the Department of Physical Culture and Sports, the faculty of budgeting and state savings, in May 2018, a competition among the women the second place.

International cooperation

  Department of "Uzbek and Russian languages" has established partnerships with leading universities of some countries in the field of scientific research, teaching and methodology. In particular, there are established cooperative relations with the Moscow State Pedagogical University (13.01.2018). As part of the collaboration, Prof. Yanchenko  , the Head of the Department of Russian Language Teaching at the Institute of Philosophy at NDPU  in March 2019  visited our institute. During the visit, she conducted master classes and seminars.  Currently, the department carries out international cooperation with the Moscow State Pedagogical University. Within the framework of cooperation in March of this year, our institute was visited, by the head of the Russian language teaching methods department, Professor V. Yanchenko. During the visit, he participated in the Nowruz holiday, held master classes, seminars, and participated  at the conference with a report. 

Work with gifted students

 In order to attract gifted students to research work, the department conducts a number of organizational works. In particular, the   department  heads clubs like  “Language and Terminology”, “Fans of the Russian Language”, “Fans of the Russian Word”     .


Contact Information:

  Address: 100000, Amir Timur Street, 60-A

  Phone: (99871) 2348552



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