Admission to the master's degree
Admission to the master's degree

    From July 1, 2020, the process of online registration of documents for admission to master's specialties of higher education institutions of the Republic has begun.

   In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated June 12, 2020 No PP-4749 ( the process of registering documents for admission to master's specialties of state universities for the 2020/2021 academic year is carried out only through the website (, will not be accepted in universities!

Necessary information to apply:

1) Passport information is filled out. Here, the applicant enters the PPIN number and passport series and number. (Scanner or photo version of the passport is not required);

2) Permanent residence address is entered;

3) Information on the educational institution graduated from the bachelor's degree;

4) A scanned version of the application with a diploma and grades is uploaded;

5) If the applicant has privileges, i.e. a certificate of knowledge of a foreign language, the documents confirming the winner of the Olympiad, the President or the holder of a named scholarship, etc. .;

6) Selects the specialty for which he / she wants to apply.

Note: The applicant is not required to provide any additional documents, such as a photo, a copy of the article, a medical certificate!

There are only 2 subjects for master's degree: specialty (up to 100 points) and foreign language (up to 50 points).

Also included is the average mastery score (up to 100 points) recorded in the graduate’s diploma application.

The maximum (maximum) accumulative score for admission to a master's degree is 250.

   To the entrants who have an Internationally recognized foreign language proficiency certificate (at least 72 on TOEFL or at least 5.5 on IELTS, TestDaF (TDN3), at least B2 on CEFR) or B2 or C1 foreign language proficiency certificate issued by the State Testing Center are given 50 points in a foreign language and they do not take the entrance exam in a foreign language.

   Admission to the master's program is based on the conditions of the coronavirus pandemic, in accordance with the parameters of admission on the basis of a state grant and payment-contract, determined by conducting an online test.

   The structure of entrance examinations to the master's degree (in particular, the structure of entrance examinations in specialty subjects) also includes test questions to determine the scientific and pedagogical ability (or ability to learn) of candidates in the relevant specialties.

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