Сharter of the institute
Сharter of the institute


Charter of the Tashkent Financial Institute







  1. These are the mummy rules

  1. Tashkent Financial Institute (hereinafter referred to as TUSH) is based on the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan of May 13, 1991 and Resolution No 154 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Decree # 154 of the Tashkent Financial Institute and the Institute of National Economy of "Finance-Credit" and "Economic Economics" organized by the faculties and is part of the organizational structure of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education.
  2. TFI is a state higher education institution that provides educational activities for the implementation of basic and supplementary (or basic) educational programs of higher education, as well as provides educational and pedagogical, scientific and methodological and other activities in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan and provides educational services.
  3. This work is governed by the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Law on Education, National Program for Personnel Training, Resolutions of the Oliy Majlis, Decrees, Resolutions and Ordinances of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Decrees and Orders of the Cabinet of Ministers, normative and legal documents of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education as well as the present Charter.
  4. TMI is a legal entity. Operative management has the property of its own and is responsible for its obligations under this property. THUS can be purchased, sold and disposed of on behalf of Domain, as well as improperly confiscated property, liability, and liability in court.
  5. TMI has an independent balance, bank account and other, including foreign currency accounts, stamped stamps and stamps, and stamps with the State Emblem of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
  • TMI Location: Tashkent, Amir Temur Str. 60 A,
  • Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the bakery Legal address: 23402000300100001010, SP 201122919, BB XKKM Tashkent city, bank branch code: ООО 14, TO Тhe Financial Institution
  • 100010860262667094100079001 (budjet), item 400910860262667950100079001 (fee-contract), STIR 201221691.
  • The full official name of the TMI in Uzbek, Russian and English:
  • Tashkent Financial Institute (TMI),
  • Tashkentskiy finansovyy institute (TFI).
  • Tashkent Finance Institute (TP)

P. The main tasks of the TMI

  5. The main objectives of PL4 are:

  • education of the needs of the butane on the intellectual, cultural and spiritual-enlightenment of a person through higher education and post-graduate education;
  • forming a comprehensive and well-educated individual, independent state catechism, devotion to the Motherland, the responsibility of the people, society and the family, respecting national and universal values, enriching and strengthening the traditions of the people, honest and decent work for the future of the Homeland ;
  • Research using scientifically-pedagogical staff and students through research and creative work;
  • training, retraining and advanced training of specialists with higher education and scientific and pedagogical staff for relevant sectors of the economy; preservation and enrichment of the social, cultural and scientific character of society; dissemination of knowledge among the population, raising its spiritual, educational and cultural level; to educate physically and spiritually competent specialists, who have excellent knowledge and professional skills, perfecting ICT, at least a bit of foreign language.

III. Structure of TMI

  6. The contents of the TMI include:

  1) Rectorate:

  • Rector;
  • Vice Rector for Academic Affairs;
  • Pro-rector on scientific work;
  • Pro-rector on spiritual and educational work;
  • Pro-rector on work with academic lyceums and professional colleges;
  • Vice-Rector for Financial and Economic Affairs;
  • United Labor Union;
  • Information-publishing complex;
  • "Kamolot"
  • Women's Club.

  2) Councils and groups (centers): Board of Trustees; Council of the Institute;

  • Scientific and Methodological Council;
  • Council of teachers-mentors (public);
  • Information group (public);
  • Center for Innovative Technologies (publicly available).

  3) Faculties:

  • Finance and economics faculty;
  • Credit-business faculty;
  • Faculty of Accounting and Auditing;
  • Faculty of Financial Management;
  • Faculty of Surgeons;
  • Budget Accounting and Public Finance Faculties; PROJECT FINANCING faculty; Master's degree.

  4) Chairs:


  • History of Uzbekistan;
  • The theory and practice of the theory of democratic society in philosophy and in Uzbekistan;
  • Theory of Economics;
  • Uzbek and Russian languages;
  • Foreign languages;
  • Physical culture and sport.


  • High and Applied Mathematics;
  • Regional economics;
  • Informational and propagation templates.

  c) Public and LLV71UCOC1 CafesDrstari:

  • Finance;
  • Accounting •
  • Financial analysis;
  • Taxes and Solidarity;
  • Banking business,
  • Audit;
  • Financing of projects;
  • Insurance business;
  • Business and Entrepreneurship;
  • Financial Management;
  • Offensive materials •,
  • Banking and audit;
  • Financial markets and securities;
  • Professional TsLIMI,
  • Management and Marketing;
  • Statistics;
  • Budget Accounts.

  5) Deposits:

  • Hall of Fame;
  • Teaching Methodology;
  • Accounting division;
  • Planning and Finance Department; bulim; bulim;
  • Academic and scientific-pedagogical cadres training division; Editorial and Publishing Department; Center for Information Technology; Information Resource Center; Office and archives department;
  • Marketing service department;
  • International Relations Department;
  • Labor protection unit;
  • Marketing and audit department;
  • Legal unit;
  • Economics Department;

  6) Other Citations:

  • "Finance Finance" publishing house (on-farm);
  • recreation camp;
  • Maintenance and repair service;
  • editorial office of the newspaper; Editor's note of "Mo.liya";

IV. Manage TMINI


  1. Management of PL4 is governed by the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan and by the principle of coordinating public administration by the Board of Trustees of the higher education institution in accordance with this Charter.
  2. Direct supervision of the TMI was carried out by the rector appointed by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
  • The Rector is responsible for the maintenance of the TMI. The Rector is acting on behalf of TUSH in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, takes responsibility for all banks, enterprises, enterprises, is responsible for TUIN's property, contracts, issues power of attorney, opens TUI accounts in banking establishments, .
  • Within the scope of the Rector 's mission:
  • Orders and assigns mandatory orders to all faculty members, staff, students and other EMC trainees;
  • Appoint and dismiss the director of the Interuniversity Institute for Advanced Training and Retraining of Financial-Banking Staff working at the Tashkent Financial Institute under the agreement with the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • Recommends candidates to the post of Vice Rector Vice Chancellor and defines the responsibilities and responsibilities of vice-rectors, deans;
  • Carries out the recruitment and training of scientific and pedagogical workers and employees of TFI according to the procedure established by the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • The TMI identifies the roles of scientific research, experimental and experimental and other organizations and subsidiaries included in the TMI and approves the regulations;
  • Establish monthly monthly allowances and contributions to TMI staff salaries;
  • The trade union approves internal regulations by agreeing with a trade union committee or other competent authority of TPP4.
  • The Rector has the following resources within the limits of the tariff scale: the number of employees, the number of employees,
  • Identification of state unity of staff and staff of TFI and determination of salaries;
  • Opening faculties (chairs) in accordance with the relevant iv documents.
  • The Rector of the TMI is not permitted to interrogate a relative in the higher education institution and other educational institution where he is working. The rector is responsible for his duties.
  • Pro-rectors of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated March 9, 1992, F-137, are appointed by the Supreme Rector and by the Special Education Minister in coordination with the Office of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan by the rector's recommendation.
  • Deans of the faculty are appointed by the order of the Rector of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education.

  9 »On February 22, 2003 at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan! - The Council of Higher Education has developed a state-of-the-art TIU to establish a major body for the activities of the higher education institution,

  • The Council includes rectors, vice-rectors, deans of faculties, chairs of the department and representatives of the Union of Trade Unions of TUI. The Rector is the Chairman of the Council. Other members of the Council shall be elected by secret ballot at general meeting (conference). The number of professors and teachers elected to the Council is determined by the rector of the faculty.
  • The mandate of the Council, the procedure for its election and activity is determined by the competent public authority for education.

  10. The TMI will organize a Board of Trustees, which will oversee the activities of the Institute on a public basis. The Trusteeship Council consists of representatives of ministries, local authorities, business circles, public organizations, foundations and guardians, and other educational institutions.

  • The composition, authority, form of composition of the Trusteeship Council, and the CONTRACT DOCUMENTS are specified.

  11. Work in the TUI and other public organizations The protection of the interests of the students and staff is carried out by educational and scientific disciplines and their elected bodies in the TMI.

  • PLI is a professor-lecturer, employee and student's cocktail,
  • SOCIAL. economics. moral, intellectual property and interests
  • INSTIvT United Trade Union "About Trade Unions, Exporters and Guarantees"
  • Connie. Education and science workers in the town of Uzbekistan
  • Housekeeping. the Rector of the Institution, and the members of the Community, who are committed to ensuring the protection of their rights, and other regulatory documents.


  13. The Institute carries out the obligations under the Rectorship of the Institute in relation to the United Trade Union which functions as a professor-teacher, employee and student body:

  • provides a free access to the trade union with the b-tone required for its operation; to the trade union of the institute for free use of recreational facilities for conducting cultural, educational, sports and healthcare activities with the faculty members, staff, students and members of the family; creates other material opportunities for the work of the trade union, including office furniture and equipment, stationary goods, etc.

  14. Scientific and voluntary societies, scientifically-methodical, scientific and technical boards and commissions, council of young scientists and others in the TMI - MACMKIN. The responsibilities of the authorities of the public authorities and the authorities of the TIIM are as follows:

  • free use of premises necessary for business; creation of material conditions, including office furniture and equipment, stationary goods and others.
  • The Rectorate and the Council will compile the recommendations of community-based public organizations in their activities and take them into account in their own work.
  • The TMI faculty is managed by the dean appointed by the rector, in consultation with the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The Dean of the Faculty works in the TMI Charter and Faculty Regulations. At faculty the faculty council can be established. In the activity of the department is headed by the head of the competition on the order of the order "On the order of employment of teachers in higher education institutions on a competitive basis" approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The department head and the activity of the chair are carried out on the basis of the certified YuVOMI.
  • Educational and scientific-methodical work
  • PP4 includes curricula for basic education programs, higher education and postgraduate education, retraining and advanced training).

  18. TUIs are taught undergraduate and graduate programs in higher education programs and specializations.

  • Bachelor degree is fundamental and practical in the field of education. The base is higher than 4 years. Graduates who have completed the bachelor's degree are awarded a Bachelor's degree and are given a state-of-the-art DiPLOM.
  • 1Magistratura is a higher education, with a duration of less than 2 years, on the basis of bachelor's degree, providing basic and applied knowledge on a certain specialty.
  • Graduation of graduate students by state certification s
  • The Bachelor's and Master's diploma diplomas are awarded to the owners of the diploma or the master's degree in the following stages of the educational institution


  Bachelor's degrees in the field of TMI's day-to-day production are as follows:

  • 5230600 - Finance
  • 5230700-Banking business;
  • 5230800 - Solids and solids;
  • 5230900 - Accounting and auditing (by sector);
  • 5230200 - Management (on industries and industries);
  • 5231200 -Spring case; 5231300 - Pentecostal case;
  • 5231500 - Assessment work;
  • 511 1000 Professional Education (5230600-Finance);
  • 5111000 - Professional education (5230700 - Banking business);
  • 5111000 - Professional education (5230900 - Accounting and audit);
  • The Master's Degree in TMI is based on the following specialties:

  Economics (as for industries and sectors);

  Public Finance Management;

  • 5.4230602- Corporate Finance and Capital Markets Market (s)
  • 5A2ZO6OZ- Investment management (as per sector and industry); 5A2ZO6O4- International Finance;
  • 5A2ZO7O1 -Bank business (by type of activity);
  • 5A2ZO702 -Bank Accounts and Audit;
  • 5A2ZO9O1 - Accounting (on the network);
  • Audit (5A230902);
  • 5A2Z1102 - Foreign economic activity (according to types of activity and sector);
  • 5A231201 - Insurance business,
  • 5A2ZIZO1 - Pentecostal,
  • 5A2Z] 4O1 -Statistics (according to sectors and fields).
  1. The organization of the educational process at the TMI is a curriculum, curriculum, curriculum and curriculum approved by the state higher education institution, approved by the State Education Standards, Plans and Science Programs, and the Rector of the Higher Education Institution (Vice Rector for Academic Affairs) The main focus of extracurricular education is to help students with TMI students by choosing forms, methods and tools for learning the learning process. the necessary conditions for the integration of tertiary education programs will be created. The unity of the educational process will be based on the state educational standards. The Vice Rector for spiritual and educational work of TMI's departments of social, economic and humanitarian sciences, spiritual-enlightenment and sport, students and other public organizations are co-operating and coordinating their activity.
  2. TMI has the following main types of teaching: lectures, seminars, practical training, individual training, supervision, colloquium, independent work, practice, course project (course work), bachelor's degree and master's thesis. All types of training in the classroom are carried out within 80 minutes of academic hours. A break in the auditorium is provided at least 10 intervals. Education is conducted in Uzbek, Russian and English languages.
  3. Training at the TMI is based on the state educational standards developed in the established order and registered at the State agency "Uzstandart".
  4. The academic year at the TMI is divided into two semesters, and each of them is carried out in the form of a rating assessment of the students. Conducting the students from the course is carried out by order of the rector on the recommendation of the dean's office. The transfer of TUP4 educational programs is carried out in accordance with the "Regulation on Rating Control and Assessment of Students in Higher Education Institutions" from July 10, 2009 by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
  5. The TMI is carrying out scientific and methodological work aimed at improving the quality of training specialists through the use of pedagogical and information technologies, personalized education and independent learning tools, modular system and distance learning.
  6. TUP4 prepares scientific and pedagogical cadres on the basis of the postgraduate education with the authorization of the relevant ministries (departments) in accordance with the "Higher Qualification Scientific and Scientific-Pedagogical Staff Certification" approved by the Higher Attestation Commission under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as prepare dissertations for the degree of Doctor of Science, and associate independent researchers for the defense. Educational relationships after higher education are regulated by regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The Scientific Council (s) can provide activity for the degree of Doctor of Science in related disciplines in TUH.
  7. In TUP4, the following specialties are taught at the Institute of Advanced Studies of the Institute of Advanced Studies from the higher education institution:
  • 08.00.01 - Theory of economics;
  • 08.00.02 - Macroeconomics;
  • 08.00.06 - Econometrics and statistics;
  • 08.00.07 - Finance and credit;
  • 08.00.08 - Accounting;
  • 08.00. l - Marketing;
  • 08.00.12 - Regional economics;
  • 08.00.13 - Management.

  Training and retraining of personnel is carried out in accordance with the paid and contractual basis on the basis of specialties of the interdepartmental institute of training and retraining of financial and banking personnel working at the financial account of TMI:

  • Merchandise;
  • Banking business;
  • Accounting;
  • Solicitor and Soldier Tortisch.


  To the trainees of the FINANCIAL-ANNOUNCEMENT CERTIFICATE working at the Interuniversity Institute of Finance and Interpreter training, working at the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan, a certificate and a diploma of the state sample, certified in accordance with the established procedure.

  1. Students, masters, senior staff members and independent researchers carry out research and development work in accordance with thematic plans of the TMI Council, as well as the quality of work and labor safety. Scientific works are funded by the following funds: State budget funds allocated for fundamental, applied and innovative research on major science, technology and culture;
  • on a contractual basis - funds from ministries, agencies, enterprises, associations and so forth, including funds from foreign organizations, including grant funds. VI. Subjects of educational and scientific-methodological work, their rights and responsibilities a) Students:
  1. Under the order of the Rector of the TMI, the student is a student of the TMI. Students are given a student certificate and rating book. According to the applications of persons with general education, secondary special, vocational (educational institutions, academic lyceums and professional colleges) according to the procedure established by the legislation, the TMI is admitted to educational institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan according to the procedure and rules of admission to higher educational institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan based on the scores quoted by the State Commission for Testing Results. Admission to higher education institutions is based on equal rights, single acceptance rules and single choice for all (both state grants and contract), and the highest scores on test scores are guaranteed by the state grants. Applicants will be eligible to apply within the contract-based contract quota based on test scores. According to the law, it is guaranteed to receive an Ombudsman on the basis of a certain privilege without testing.
  2. TM4 students have the following command:
  • Acquiring knowledge relevant to science, technology, modern information technology;
  • Free use of books, periodicals, e-learning resources available in TUI information resource center; getting free consultations and explanations, auditoriums, learning process tools; Demand and submit to the directorate, the dean's office and the management of the department the proposals and comments on the effectiveness of the educational process and the quality of education;
  • Participation in mass events carried out by TFI and faculties; to participate in scientific-research works and scientific conferences, to participate in republican Olympiads and to present the results of the research work;
  • Involving and participating in community-based public associations operating in the TMU.
  • The student has the right to use high-quality and higher education, other than the law, which is contrary to the law, which is necessary for a highly qualified specialist.
  • The student should not abuse his rights and should not use these rights for the purpose of restricting the rights of others.


  30. Students studying in the form of state grants and graduates of educational and contractual education shall be provided with scholarships in accordance with the procedure established by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

  • Students are eligible to receive scholarships from the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the State Scholarship of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Navoi and other scholarships, as well as the legal and physical entities trained by the Legal Entity,
  • In exceptional cases, the student may be enrolled by the Academic TITIL on a case-by-case basis and in the cases specified in legislation. The first academic year students may be exempted from the academic vacation due to illness and medical conclusions.
  1. In accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, students who are enrolled in the day-to-day education are provided with the opportunity to postpone their call to military service during the period of their stay in the TI.
  2. Students living in need of accommodation will be provided with accommodation at the TMI facilities in accordance with sanitary norms and rules. In student dormitories, the amount of payment for communal services is determined according to the legislation. Where housing is available, students are not permitted to use PP4 for any other purpose other than campus housing (leasing or other arrangements).
  • Students are allowed to work in the same way as they inform the dean of the faculty, but not in accordance with the labor law of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as in other places.
  1. The student who has been dismissed from the TMI student may apply for re-education in accordance with the procedure established by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated June 18, 2010, "Regulations on the Procedure for Enhancement, Renewal and Disqualification of Students of Higher Education Institutions"


  • Students who are deprived of the TMI students are recruited to the students in accordance with the established procedure and contract-based contract.
  • PM students have the right to reinstate their tuition to other higher education institutions based on established procedures and rules.
  • It is not possible for the students to be trained in the TI (rehabilitating a student) from the branches of non-state higher education institutions and other higher education institutions (such as Centers, Departments, Educational Advisory Points, etc.) that are not licensed to carry out educational activities in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The order and rules for the retraining of students from one higher educational institution to another, reinstatement and dismissal are determined by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
  1. TFI students must have the knowledge provided under the curriculum and curriculum in accordance with State Education Standards, fulfill all types of assignments within the set time, and comply with the TOR Charter, Internal Regulations, and Living Standards in Students' Dwellings.
  • It is forbidden to involve students at work that is not related to the learning process, except for the cases stipulated by the decisions of the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
  1. Disciplinary penalties may be exposed to students who violate the obligations set out in this Charter and the TMI Internal Regulations, as well as the removal from the TMU students.


  • The student may be denied the following in the following exams by the students of the TMI:
  • According to Facebook; due to the fact that the reading was transferred to another educational institution; due to health reasons (based on medical certificate inquiry); for the failure to make academic degrees (debt); for violating the academic discipline and the TII Internal Procedures;
  • for more than 74 hours in a semester without exception;
  • Due to the fact that the fee for training is not paid in the vacancy and because of the failure to comply with the provisions of the contract (for those trainee-contracted);
  • due to the fact that the student has committed an offense and has been discharged from office by the court;
  • Exemption from students who are members of a trade union at the initiative of the TFI administration is carried out in accordance with the written consent of the unions. Also, for the violation of the discipline and the rules of the TMI, students must agree with the primary organization of the educational institution "Kamolot" before dismissing the student.
  • A disciplinary punishment can be protested in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the legality and fairness of the sanction applied.
  • Information about the disciplinary action against the student is stored in his personal skin.
  • Disciplinary measures are used not later than six months after a month after exposure of a patient to a disease or a vacation without taking into account the time of sickness or vacation. Students may be deprived of students during illness, during holidays with academic vacation or pregnancy and maternity leave.
  • During the illness, the student (or his / her parents) shall submit a statement to the higher education institution not later than one week with the application and related information. Exceptional cases are reviewed by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education.
  1. Successful students who are trained in educational or non-divisional education are provided with their benefits from their workplaces in the relevant articles of the Labor Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan (additional leave for wages or non-paid wages, traveling to and from the higher educational institution).
  •  b) Researcher-seekers (independent researchers):
  1. Postgraduate education is an uninterrupted type of education designed to meet the needs of society in highly-qualified scientific and scientific-pedagogical staff.
  • The senior research assistant - research institute - a highly qualified scientific and scientific-pedagogical staff of the institute for the degree of Doctor of Science on scientific research in order to prepare and defend doctoral dissertation in the same specialty. Their specialization is the form of education from the higher education institution.
  • The short-term research assistant - TFI is considered to be a senior researcher-seeker in a prescribed manner.
  • Training of highly qualified scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel in the TMI is carried out in the form of independent research, except for the senior researchers-researchers institute.
  • Independent research is the highest qualification of scientific and scientific-pedagogical cadres at the higher educational institutions and scientific-research institutions for the degree of Doctor of Science degree in the field of Advanced Studies and Research on the subject of preparation and defense of doctoral dissertation postgraduate education.
  • Independent Researcher - person who is in the prescribed manner to an independent study of the TMI.
  • Senior admins of the USSR have at least a half a full time academic or scientific-pedagogical work experience, a Master's degree from a higher education institution, or equivalent to the Academy of Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Academy of Internal Affairs, and the National Security Service of the Republic of Uzbekistan a diploma or a candidate of science degree or a diploma of higher education prior to the introduction of a master's degree, scientific research and scientific and pedagogical activity At least three scientific papers published in scientific journals and publications, and research studies for the degree of Doctor of Science in scientific-practical conferences, seminars and round tables, on scientific research on relevant scientific disciplines The ability to master the foreign language at the appropriate level of a magistracy and to use modern information technologies must.
  • • Applicants must have at least five years of undergraduate or graduate degree in a TL or P4 degree • Undergraduate degree or a Diploma of Higher Military Education Institutions of the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the State Customs or National Security Service of the Republic of Uzbekistan, or master's degree in higher education prior to the introduction of a master's degree, having a degree in research and scientific-pedagogical activity, at least two scientific theses published in scientific journals and publications, and at least two theses in scientific conferences, seminars and roundtables, scientific works on relevant scientific disciplines, which can form the basis of the dissertation research, the author of the invention or the selection achievement, the author of a bits or more patents, and the participation in scientific and technological developments in the relevant directions, foreign languages have the ability to know the stratum graduates at the appropriate level, and have access to modern information technologies.

  39. Applicants to the Institute for Advanced Research and Research Employees of PL4 are accepted for a three-year term on a competitive basis.

  • At TUP4, researchers are trained separately from the production of the Institute. In the case of separation from the production it should not be longer than three years at the Institute of Researchers - Researchers.
  • The TUP4 includes the following provisions of the "Regulations on the Education of Higher Education", approved by the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan № 365 of December 28, 2012, granting privileges for admission to senior job-seeker and independent research and identifying their rights and obligations coordination.
  • It is permitted to work in scientifically-prospective educational institutions, which are separated from production, at the same time, but not in accordance with the requirements of the labor law of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the USA or in other places.
  • c) Listeners:
  • 40. Institute for Advanced Studies and Retraining at TESh
  • center, faculty). The order of increasing the number of personnel and training, the training part and the rights of listeners are determined by appropriate legal documents in accordance with the law
  • d) Teaching staff of TIU, Assistant and CandidateWork staff (staff):


  4 1. TMI has professors-teachers, researchers, engineering, administrative-economic, production, teaching assistants and others.

  1. Professors-teachers include the head of the department, professors, associate professors, lecturers, teachers and assistants.
  • Acquisition of teaching staff is carried out according to the labor contract on the basis of the competitive selection in accordance with the Provision "On the order of employment of teachers in higher educational institutions" approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan on February 16, 2006.
  1. The faculty and staff of the TMI have the following rights:
  • to be elected and elected to the TFI and Faculty Councils according to the established procedure;
  • To participate in the discussion of issues related to the activities of the TMI;
  • Access to information and resource centers of the TUI, and services of scientific associations, as well as social, household, medical and other services in accordance with the collective agreement;
  • selecting teaching methods and tools, implementing scientific research to ensure the highest quality of teaching and learning process;
  • Apply to the legislature according to the laws and regulations of the TMG leadership; to participate in competitions in accordance with the established procedure, to occupy posts;
  • The chair, working at the faculty, other faculty, department, organizations, according to the procedure stipulated by the legislation, on the basis of kinship (in coordination with the main work place); exchange of experiences with foreign and foreign colleagues on scientific and educational literature; Preparation of high quality textbooks and manuals; theoretical knowledge, practical experience, methods of scientific research. improvement of pedagogical skills;
  • Leading research work of students;
  • participation in local and foreign grants, scientific projects, economic incentives;
  • The use of "other people's knowledge in the field of education in the Republic of Uzbekistan".


  44. Interpretations of the teaching staff and academic staff of the TMI are:

  • legislation on education, labor and technology discipline, TUCH 7, compliance with the rules and regulations of the Internal Labor Code; Doing so conscientiously and in no way to the discretion of a teacher;
  • a good deal with the staff, students and other stakeholders involved in the business process; timely and qualitative fulfillment of statutory orders and instructions of the employer, volume of educational load on the basis of personalized plans for the academic year, scientific-research, scientific-research, organizational-methodological, spiritual-educational and educational work;
  • Participation in the preparation of textbooks, manuals and literature, writing and publishing scientific articles and monographs;
  • Participation in the educational, spiritual-enlightenment, public events and activities of the TFI outside the classroom;
  • Participation in research on scientific subjects approved by the Council of TFI; Continuous improvement of professional skill in the specialty, as well as on the requirements of foreign language and information technologies; systematic enrichment of syllabus on the basis of new syllabus of science and technology; utigp lessons at a high level; find new sources of science and introduce students to them; till the beginning of each school year to approve the schedule of work program, calendar plan and rating auditing of the subject (s) of the department, and to approve it at the department session; timely conduct rating actions; objectively evaluate students' knowledge; introduction of the pedagogical technologies in the process of teaching,
  • increase scientific potential and pedagogical skills; Leading research work of students; labor protection, safety and production, observance of sanitary rules;
  • Protecting and using TMF's property; Reimbursement for the damage caused to the real person; ensuring the effectiveness of the pedagogical and scientific process;
  • formation of independent thinking, initiative, creative abilities of trainees;
  • Implementation of scientific, spiritual and educational, educational work with the students connected to "Ustoz-shogird" system;
  • Focusing on the people with the moral, spiritual, and moral qualities of UZINING; adhere to secular and national dress code;
  • to make the country aware of the ongoing reforms and developments in the world;
  • Active participation in the ongoing reforms in the TMI system.
  1. Foreign-service trainers of TMI faculty are based on the Uniform Residency Guidelines for Higher Education Institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan, approved by the Order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated April 13, 2005 No. 81.
  2. At least once in three years, the faculty of TMI will be trained.
  3. The rights and responsibilities of the administrative-economic, engineering-technical, educational-assistant and other personnel of the TMI are determined by the internal regulations and assignments of PSh4.

VII. Financial and economic activity and material and technical base

  1. The LMI is charged with the right of operative management by the state (founder) for buildings, constructions, property complexes, TUMS passports, as well as property necessary for consumption, social, cultural and other purposes for the purposes of carrying out the activity in this Charter.

  2. TMI is included in the list of officially privatized and privatized objects on the basis of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The land parcels allocated for TMI are fixed for the free use of TMI for free.
  3. CUP4 is a legal entity that possesses the property, property and other proprietary assets transferred to sovereign, civil or other legal entities, intellectual and artistic products that are the result of higher education institutions, as well as income generated by their own activities and property acquired through their own revenues rights to property.
  4. TIIM MOL-MULKN is a renter and rents property as defined in the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On the order of lease of state-owned property", approved by the Civil Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, buildings and their parts, equipment, means of transport, state property and other property, with the consent of the institute board, opted for the lease on fixed rates.
  5. Financing of the educational activities of the TMI is carried out at the expense of state grants based on the budget allocations, the funds allocated for the retraining and retraining of staff, as well as funds for the training of students and trainees at the expense of the stipulated in the established procedure.
  6. TUSH can provide paid services in non-pecuniary terms and in other areas. Entrepreneurial activity, which is under the jurisdiction of the TFI, shall comply with the functions specified in this Charter.
  • TMI reserves the right to independently dispose of profits from its subsidiaries, participating in the charter capital of economic societies, enterprises and partnerships, setting fees for paid education services, consulting and other services, and other mandatory payments in the form of taxes and fees.
  • TUP4's paid education services can not be discontinued within the framework of and in the context of educational activities in the form of budgetary allocations.
  • TMI decides on issues related to the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the conclusion of agreements, obligations and other conditions which do not contradict the present Charter.
  1. The salaries of TUI are based on a labor contract (agreement) in accordance with the normative-legal acts of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the single tariff scale for labor migration.
  • An employee of the EAC is assigned a salary, salary and duties, as well as for performance of work stipulated by the labor contract. Additional wages, premiums, and other material improvements are made within the framework of the existing Tranche Fund under the terms of the TMF, in the manner and volume envisaged by law.
  1. Reconstruction, reconstruction, repair or upgrading of relevant TUP4 buildings, and their financing is carried out in accordance with the established procedure.
  2. The TMI is responsible for heating, lighting, gas, water and sewerage services at the premises and other public catering establishments located on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan.


VTII. International cooperation

  56. TFI has the right to participate in the international cooperation of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the field of higher and postgraduate education in the following order:

  • Establishment of direct contacts with the relevant educational institutions of foreign countries in accordance with the decision of the Council of the Council of TUSH, signing agreements with them, establishing faculties, chairs, associations or centers in cooperation with the legislation in the established order;
  • participation in student exchange programs with fellow researchers, pedagogues and researchers;
  • collaborative research, as well as conferences, congresses, symposia and other events;
  • Implementation of fundamental, applied and innovation studies, as well as experimental-design works on orders of foreign legal entities; Participation in international programs to improve postgraduate and postgraduate education.
  1. TMI has the right to participate in international cooperation on educational issues in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On Education" and to have the right to directly engage with the HIGHER EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS in accordance with the law.
  • TUSH is regulated by the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan on higher education, retraining and advanced training of foreign citizens, training, exchange of experience and professional development of TFI students, faculty members, pedagogues and researchers from the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
  1. TUSH has international partnerships within the framework of international cooperation:
  • Access to international nongovernmental organizations in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbe- kistan;
  • Conclude agreements with foreign partners on the basis of international agreements and treaties of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • Establishment of centers, laboratories, technoparks and other structures involving foreign partners.
  1. TFI has the right to engage in foreign economic activity, envisaged by this Charter, in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan and aimed at implementation of the tasks specified in the Law "On Education" and the National Human Resource Development Program, as well as on the development of international relations.
  2. Funds and other material assets derived from the TMF's foreign economic activity are used in accordance with the statutory documents in accordance with the present Charter.

J. Final Rules

  61. In accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, TMI is responsible for:

  • to ensure that the assigned tasks are met; educational programs in accordance with the curriculum and curriculum in the learning process;
  • to ensure the safety of life and health of trainees and staff at the time of the learning process; the rights and freedoms of trainees and TFI staff
  • Other requirements imposed by the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
  1. TUSH can be reorganized or terminated on the basis of the procedure established by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
  2. Cases not regulated by this Charter are regulated by the Raw Material of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

  Appendix: The Charter has been approved by the Tashkent Financial Institute Meeting of 27 March 2013 and the Statement of Execution 7 $ ISHNDI and P).


           Rektor                         Azizov Ulug'bek O'ktamovich


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