Офис рeгистратори бўлими
Офис рeгистратори бўлими

   Умумий маЪлумотлар

 Бўлим бошлиғи: Зиядуллаев Зухриддин Илхомович







 Бош мутахассис: Кенжаев Асрор Зокиржонович


 E-mail: office_registrator@tfi.uz



Бош мутахассис: Парпиева Нодира Хамидуллаевна


 E-mail: office_registrator@tfi.uz


Диспетчер: Кадирова Севара Мухаматалиевна


 E-mail: office_registrator@tfi.uz


Диспетчер: Рахимбоев Азиз Акбарович


 E-mail: office_registrator@tfi.uz



Диспетчер: Рахмонов Фурқатжон Давлатжон ўғли


 E-mail: office_registrator@tfi.uz



Диспетчер: Норбоев Худойберди Муроджон ўғли


 E-mail: office_registrator@tfi.uz


Офис рeгистратори бўлимининг асосий вазифалари

2.1. The office registrar department is responsible for the process of providing students with academic (transcript) and other types of information, information about institutes and faculties, educational directions and forms, and organizing work related to the process of issuing diplomas (duplicates) to students, registration of students in information systems, approval of electronic diplomas, preparation of relevant normative documents and preparation of answers based on suggestions and questions of students.

2.2. The main functions of the office registrar department are as follows:

- effective organization of the system of working with students, ensuring the quality of services, the speed and transparency of the provided services;

- organization of the work of the department by the head of the department, distribution of tasks among employees, ensuring effective and timely performance of assigned tasks;

- control of compliance of department employees with labor and production discipline by the head of the department;

- use and control of HEMIS(Hemis.tfi.uz), Moodle(Moodle.tfi.uz) tfi.edupage.org/, student.tfi.uz, sirtqi.tfi.uz educational platforms and interdepartmental unified electronic document circulation mf.ijro.uz, dcs.tfi.uz system;

- to keep track of students' credit amount and GPA based on the educational rules approved by the institute's rector and the institute's council, to allow students to final examinations, to leave or transfer a student from one course to another;

- providing a certificate of study;

- issuing an extract from the order about enrollment and withdrawal from studies;

- formation of statistical reports;

- monitoring students' learning, creating an academic rating;

- creation and editing of the database of students

- organization of storage of students' personal work before the archive

- providing a transcript (academic certificate);

- providing information about transferring studies;

- posting and providing information about academic leave;

- posting and providing information about expulsion from the ranks of students;

- posting and providing information about resuming studies;

- change personal data of students;

- posting and providing information about the rules of the internal procedure in the system;

- providing information about courses and centers available at the institute;

- providing information about faculties;

- placing and providing information about educational programs in the system;

- placing and providing information on the transition from group to group to the system;

- posting and providing information about student exchange programs to the system;

- issuing student ID cards;

- providing information about the annual academic calendar (study schedule);

- posting and providing information about final exams in the system;

- posting and providing information about academic grants to the system;

- placing and issuing diplomas (duplicates) and information in the system;

- storing and transferring the data of the students to the archive;

- studying complaints and suggestions;

- advising students, answering questions of interest, providing practical help in solving problems.


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