Tashkent Institute of Finance
OKPO: 14825218
TIN 201221691
OKONX   92110
OKED: 85420
SOOGU 03903

Registered Number: UP-207

Registration date: 13.05.1991

Address: Tashkent city, Yunusobod district, A.Temur ave. 60a. Index: 1000000


Bank details:

Treasury of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan

s /a 23402000300100001010

TIN: 201122919

Central Bank HKKM Tashkent City Administration

MFO 00014

Tashkent Financial Institute

TIN: 201221691 OKONX 92110 OKED 85420

Payments for the course of study include the following purpose (task):

p /a: 400910860262667950100079001 payment agreement number for education № _____ date _______ full name of student. Group № ___,

When paying for a living in a dormitory, the following purpose is indicated:

p /a: 400110860262667950100079001 The student's full name, surname, first name and patronymic are written in full is indicated in the cash for a living in a dormitory.

For purposes of receiving targeted and non-cash (non-profit), payment direction is shown:

p/a 400110860262667950100079001.

For the purpose of payment for revenue generated from the sale of services rendered by the Institution, the following is specified p/a: 400110860262667950100079001.

Institute accepts gifted gifts aimed at improving the quality of education and strengthening the material and technical basis, in the organization of volunteer gifts to the p/a: 400110860262667950100079001.

The Bill of Quantities shall not contain any unpaid columns. In the case of missing or incorrectly completed bills, the funds are considered not be paid.


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