The trade union committee of the institute was established in 1991 based on the statute and structural function of the institute.

The purpose of the trade union is to protect the labor, social, economic, moral and intellectual rights and interests of the members of the trade union.

From the day of establishment of the trade union committee, members of the team elect the chairman of the trade union committee at the general meeting.

During the 1991-2020 , S. Abliyatifov, M. Erkaboev, I. Navruzov, Z. Yuldashev have carried out certain works to ensure the rights and interests of the members of the trade union. From July 9, 2020 until now, A.Abdullaev has been working as the chairman of the trade union committee.

The institute has been operating in cooperation with the administration of the institute based on the Statute of the trade union, the Statute of the Republican Council of the Trade Union of Education and Science Employees of Uzbekistan, and the orders of the higher organization. The trade union of the institute includes primary trade union organizations and permanent working commissions for departments, faculties and academic groups.

The purpose of the trade union organization of the Institute:

to protect the constitutional rights of every member of the primary organization to work, freely choose a job, profession, create fair working conditions and be protected from unemployment, regardless of nationality, gender, age and religious belief;

achieving the highest level of employment in the institute, increasing income and reducing the level of property stratification;

achieve the introduction of a social fair system of payment of wages and labor regime;

implementation of control over the creation of collective agreements and their implementation;

achieve preservation and expansion of the guarantees and privileges accepted and implemented in the collective agreements;

achieving compliance with labor legislation, labor and environmental protection laws, rules and standards;

establishing social dialogue and social partnership, organization of collective negotiations;

to increase the qualification of employees according to the level of development of production and to achieve systematic and regular retraining in terms of profession;

close cooperation with employers, local state authorities, public organizations in the development of programs aimed at labor and socio-economic protection of employees, especially young people;

cultural-educational, physical education and sports activities, creation of conditions for rational use of free time, health of trade union members and their family members.

Functional tasks of the trade union organization of the institute:

represents and protects the legal rights and interests of employees in the fields of production, labor, labor protection, household life, spiritual and educational, physical education and sports, health care;

carries out public control over the observance of labor legislation, legal documents on labor protection, other legal norms of labor law;

draws up collective agreements with employers on behalf of labor unions and monitors their implementation;

participates in the development of current and prospective plans for social development of the institute, in the resolution of individual and collective labor disputes;

in accordance with the applicable laws and regulatory documents, within the funds left at his disposal, approves the budget of the trade union and its expenditure estimate and spends these funds for the specified purposes;

organizes the implementation of decisions of trade union meetings, conferences, congresses, higher trade union bodies;

the institute organizes cultural-educational and public sports activities for the health care of pedagogues and workers and their family members;

employees, who are not members of the trade union, make decisions on the admission of students to the membership of the trade union.

Between the administration of the institute and the trade union committee, the Collective Agreement aimed at ensuring the social, economic and legal interests of the team members, the Regulation on Labor Protection, the rules of the internal labor procedure of the institute and other documents were adopted.

The trade union, in cooperation with the rectorate of the institute, regularly organizes holiday events, roundtable discussions and meetings in the following directions, based on the approved work plan of the trade union:

1. Mass-cultural events;

2. Sports and wellness activities;

3. Social protection works;

4. Financial incentives for trade union activists.

5. Labor protection works. 

Public cultural events.

National  holidays celebrated in our country: New Year, January 14 - Defender of the Fatherland Day, March 8 - International Women's Day, Navruz, May 9 "Day of Remembrance and Appreciation", Independence Day, October 1 - "Teacher and Coach Day", 8 On the eve of holidays such as "Constitution Day of the Republic of Uzbekistan" in December, a number of public and cultural events were carried out in cooperation with the Rectorate of the institute. At these events, souvenirs, theater tickets, tickets for New Year's performances are given free of charge to professors, teachers and workers at the expense of the trade union. In particular, during 2022, 179,282,000 soums were spent on mass-cultural events organized on the scale of the institute. Also, during 2022, 910,500,000 soums were transferred to the account of the trade union from the employer's funds for the organization and holding of mass-cultural events at the institute level. The transferred funds were fully spent on mass-cultural events at the institute level.

Sports and wellness activities.

One of the main activities of trade union organizations is to improve the health of trade union members, to hold public sports events among them and to create conditions for them to practice sports. For this purpose, during 2022, a total of 41,703,800 soums were spent on sports events held at the institute level at the expense of the trade union.


Также в течение 2022 года 50 педагогов и сотрудников

Also, during 2022, 50 teachers and workers were given tickets to sanatoriums of the Resorts Department of the Trade Union Federation Council of Uzbekistan at preferential prices at the expense of the social insurance budget. In particular, 5 sanatorium passes were given free of charge

During 2022, 25 sanatorium referrals were received at the expense of the union budget. All the received referrals were given to parents of pedagogues and workers at a 45% discount. The remaining part of the cost of referrals (55%) was covered by the funds of the trade union budget. 32,552,850 soums were spent on these activities from the funds of the trade union.

In the summer holiday season of 2022, 36 passes to children's camps were given to the children of teachers and workers. A part of the cost of referrals was covered by the funds of the social insurance budget. The rest of the cost of the referrals was covered in equal shares by parents' contributions and funds from the union's budget. 30,401,248 soums were spent on these activities from the funds of the trade union.

Social protection works.

One of the main directions of the trade union's activity is to provide material and moral support to the members of the trade union who are low-income and in need of social protection. In order to provide social protection to low-income and needy community members, the "Regulation on Financial Assistance" was included in the collective agreement as an appendix. Every year, professors and teachers and workers in need of social protection are provided with financial assistance at the expense of the funds of the institute and the trade union. In particular, during the year 2022, according to the "Regulation on the Provision of Financial Assistance", financial assistance in the amount of 1,468,388,000 soums was provided. 1,433,088,000 soums from the funds of the institute and 35,300,000 soums from the funds of the trade union were spent on these activities.

Financial incentives for trade union activists.



Significant achievements in the organization of the educational process, updating them on the basis of world educational standards, achievements in the field of science development, high pedagogic skill and level that ensure the quality and efficiency of educational and educational-methodical work, application of new pedagogical technologies to the educational process, teaching in foreign languages Professors-teachers and workers are financially motivated and their wages are given depending on their ability to conduct trainings, develop and publish new generation textbooks and methodical manuals, their activity in propaganda work, their contribution to improving academic discipline and increasing attendance indicators, the complexity of their work. allowances are determined. The work in this direction is financially encouraged based on the Regulation "On the procedure for financial incentives for professors and teachers and other categories of employees of the Tashkent Institute of Finance at the expense of extra-budgetary funds" included in the Collective Agreement and approved by the Supervisory Board of the Tashkent Institute of Finance. In particular, during 2022, on the basis of this regulation and the collective agreement, professors, teachers, workers and students were given financial incentives in the amount of 12,571,380,074 soums from the institute's extra-budgetary and trade union funds. 12,525,780,074 soums from the funds of the institute and 45,600,000 soums from the funds of the trade union were spent on these activities.

Labor protection works.

Training of employees on labor protection and checking of their knowledge is organized in the institute on a regular basis. According to the "Agreement on labor protection between the rectorate of the Tashkent Institute of Finance and the trade union committee" included in the 2nd appendix to the collective agreement, funds are allocated for labor protection work at the institute every year, and their use is monitored. Every year, a fire safety control and technical commission consisting of management staff, volunteer firefighting teams, staff responsible for fire prevention and technical safety of buildings and floors is formed in the institute and approved by the order of the rector of the institute. Taking into account that the creation of safe and healthy working conditions is one of the motivating factors for the attitude of teachers and employees to work, meetings on fire safety and labor protection are held every year. Fire safety and labor protection guidelines are explained at the meetings.

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