My innovative idea
My innovative idea

Commercialization of innovative developments and economic contracts in 2018 amounted to 782.8 million soums and in 2019 - 1025.2 million soums.

Professors-teachers, scientific researchers and doctoral students of the Tashkent Institute of Finance received 19 copyright certificates in 2018, 31 copyright certificates in 2019 and 21 copyright certificates as of September 1, 2020.

Masters and students of Tashkent Institute of Finance have been implementing 10 startup projects in 2019 and 20 startup projects as of September 1, 2020.



  The innovative software product is designed to assess the creditworthiness of business entities. The software reliably assesses the creditworthiness of business entities without the influence of the human factor, using more than 100 financial and non-financial indicators, and combining international experience. 





  This electronic program is designed for accurate and correct accounting in budget organizations. This software allows you to properly organize and maintain accounting in budget organizations on a legal basis, and it can be widely used by budget organizations.

Оrganizes accounting in budget organizations on a legal basis:

maintains accurate and precise accounting in budget organizations;

it saves time while allowing accountants to keep quick accounting records in budget organizations.




BusGo - Web- platform

BusGo is a SaaS (Software as a service) platform that brings together stations, passengers and bus drivers on international and intercity routes. Using a mobile application (iOS or Android), a passenger can buy a ticket and book a seat, monitor the route and location of the bus, find out the arrival and departuretime online. In addition, there is also the possibility of purchasing tickets for passengers at intermediate stations. A web platform has been created for stations, showing information about arriving buses and the number of available seats. With the help of the dashboard, transport companies have complete information (the location of buses, the number of available seats, the number of passengers at stations, etc.) and can also receive a complete visualized data analysis and monitoring (growth in the number of passengers, passenger traffic in each direction, popular routes, etc. etc.).







Patents Title Patents Number Patents Grant Date Current Assignee Status Web link where patent can be found
1. Special innovative audit program "Uzaudit"  №DGU 14146 13.01.2022 TFI Active
2. Software complexes of banks № DGU 16354 13.01.2023 TFI Active
3. Development of an economic electronic marketplace using IT technologies  № DGU 25027  25.05.2023 TFI Active
4. Program "Assessment of Integral Indicator of Investment Climate at Enterprises" № DGU 24519 01.05.2023 TFI Active
5. Program "Estimation of probability of occurrence of an insured event in insurance organizations" № DGU 24278 24.04.2023 TFI Active
6. Program "Calculation of operating costs in online sales of all types (classes) of insurance". № DGU 26118 05.07.2023 TFI Active
7. A model program to calculate the number of kilocalories consumed as a result of exercise. № DGU 12976. 09.11.2021 TFI Active
8. Model program for calculating the number of consumed kilocalories as a result of the implementation of techniques in the sport of judo № DGU 12986 09.11.2021 TFI Active
9. Model program for calculating the number of kilocalories consumed as a result of the implementation of techniques in the sport of weightlifting № DGU 13344. 01.12.2021 TFI Active
10. Web application "Pay Bank" № DGU 11331 08.06.2021 TFI Active
11. Insurance Products Sales Organization Program № DGU 12878 01.11.2021 TFI Active
12. Program "Transformation of Financial Statements of Business Entities Based on International Financial Reporting Standards" № DGU 13314 29.11.2021 TFI Active
13. Program "Revaluation of intellectual property objects on 1C Enterprise 8.3 platform". № DGU 12507 27.09.2021 TFI Active
14. Multi-factor Risk Assessment Program № DGU 10989 06.05.2021 TFI Active
15. Program "Modeling the risk of cooperation with organizations by the method of multivalued reflection" № DGU 11225 31.05.2021 TFI Active
16. Program "Reassessment of risks of insurance objects". № DGU 13000. 04.09.2020 TFI Active
17. Sovereign Wealth Funds Investment Project Appraisal Program. № DGU10900 27.03.2020 TFI Active
18. Program "Evaluation of the effectiveness of factors affecting the investment environment of small industrial zones". № DGU 14072 07.01.2021 TFI Active
19. Program "Evaluation of Industrial Zones Rating System Indicators". № DGU 10268. 24.02.2021 TFI Active
20. Program "Development of Audit as an Independent Financial Control in the Republic of Uzbekistan" № DGU 12284 25.12.2021 TFI Active
21. Program "Assessment of the Efficiency of Innovation Activity of Industrial Enterprises" № DGU 11688. 29.06.2021 TFI Active
22. Program "Assessment of Innovation Activity of Small Business Entities" № DGU 11798 07.07.2021 TFI Active
23. Electronic program on the topic "Basic criteria for the location of investment projects in small industrial zones". № DGU 10842 15.04.2021 TFI Active
24. Program "Improvement of the procedure for calculating the effective utilization index in free economic and small industrial zones". № DGU 10841 15.04.2021 TFI Active
25. Electronic program "Electronic information support of investment activity of commercial banks" № DGU 12351 06.09.2021 TFI Active
26. Electronic program "Assessment of financial condition of small industrial zones". № DGU 12457 21.09.2021 TFI Active
27. Electronic program "Comprehensive assessment of investment activity of commercial banks". № BGU 00491 26.01.2021 TFI Active
28. Tests on the topic "Finance: practical aspects". № DGU 23386 21.02.2023 TFI Active


“Economic science and IT”  № DGU 25501  20.06.2023 TFI Active
31. application program "Anagram Word" for organizing independent work of students № DGU 10686 09.03.2021 TFI Active
32. Digital educational platform for the organization of integrated foreign language learning using STEAM technologies - №DGU 21703  03,01,2023 TFI Active
33. Electronic tests on "Modern Finance". №DGU 21491 09.01.2023 TFI Active
34. Electronic tests on the topic "Topical problems of finance". №DGU 22406 30.01.2023 TFI Active
35. Methodology of Scientific Inquiry. Innovative electronic textbook №DGU 22393   22.02.2023 TFI Active
36. Government Procurement Subject Tests. №DGU 24076.  12.04.2023. TFI Active
37. Innovative web-based textbook "Finance Module 3: Financial Organization" №DGU 24730.   16.05.2023. TFI Active
38. Financial Statement Auditing e-textbook. №DGU 16281  29.03.2022 TFI Active
39. Electronic tests on "Business Finance". №DGU 25323.   05.06.2023 TFI Active
40. Tests on the topic "Financial decisions of households №DGU25142.   28.05.2023 TFI Active
41. Tests on the topic "Methods of investment appraisal" №DGU 25141.  28.05.2023 TFI Active
42. Tests on the topic "Analyzing the profitability of financial instruments". №DGU 25138.  28.05.2023 TFI Active
43. ELECTRONIC PAYMENT SYSTEMS . №DGU 005946   11.03.2023. TFI Active
44. Creation of WEB-application for consolidation of students' knowledge on optical communication systems №DGU 2022 5688 01.11.2022 TFI Active
45. Mobile application of the electronic textbook "Information and Communication Technologies in Economics". №DGU 18875 22.09.2022 TFI Active
46. Mobile application of the e-textbook "Artificial Intelligence Technologies in Economics". №DGU 18874 22.09.2022 TFI Active
47. English For Success in Business №DGU 17342 25.05.2022 TFI Active
48. English-Russian-Uzbek Dictionary of Marketing and Management Terms №DGU005434 02.12.2022 TFI Active
49. Learn business in English №DGU 20098 09.11.2022 TFI Active
50. English around the world №DGU 19717 28.10.2022 TFI Active
51. Steps to Financial Literacy №DGU 17343 31.05.2022 TFI Active
52. Program "Calculation of Income Tax Amount". №DGU 14916 10.03.2022 TFI Active
53. Predictive model program of the scores that can be obtained when performing combat techniques. № DGU 15296 02.03.2022 TFI Active
54. A model program for determining the effects of exercise on blood circulation № DGU 15295 02.03.2022 TFI Active
55. Electronic program "Comprehensive assessment of economic security of industrial enterprises". №DGU 20613 31.10.2022 TFI Active
56. Digital Banking Software №DGU 14729 28.01.2022 TFI Active
57. Software for optimizing factors affecting food security in an innovation economy № DGU 15637 24.03.2022 TFI Active
58. Software on "Popularization of life insurance in Uzbekistan, development of new life insurance technologies and creation of modern sales tools" № DGU 20066  08.12.2022 TFI Active
59. № DGU 15106 25.02.2022 TFI Active
60. Development of economic electronic platform with the help of IT-technologies №DGU 21227 03.11.2022 TFI Active
61. Electronic program "Evaluation of Investment Efficiency" № DGU 15377 11.03.2022 TFI Active
62. Electronic program "Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the System of Financing the Activities of Preschool Educational Organizations" № DGU 15522 16.03.2022 TFI Active
63. Electronic program "Assessment of tax potential of territories". № DGU 14910 14.02.2022 TFI Active
64. Software for assessing the level of scientific potential in the development of the knowledge economy № DGU 16878 14.05.2022 TFI Active
65. Program "Dynamic assessment of enterprise competitiveness" № DGU 15416 11.03.2022 TFI Active
66. Electronic program "Economic Theory" № DGU 14492 17.01.2022 TFI Active
67. Program "Technology exchange between science - government - business entities" № BGU 00536 02.02.2022 TFI Active
68. Optimization of tax payments of business entities and economic activity-oriented model № DGU 16426 24.04.2022 TFI Active


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