Board of the Institute
Board of the Institute

 Secretary of the Council: Altiyev Kahramon Saidovich


 Reception hours: Everyday (0900-1600)


 Phone: (+998 71) 234-45-86



The objectives and tasks of the Council

 The purpose of the meeting is to ensure that the intellectual potential and all other capabilities of the institute are ensured by the implementation of the objectives set out in the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On Education" and the National Program for Personnel Training, to train professionals who have excellent knowledge, qualifications and skills at the level of standards.


 Institutional Council:

- Under the National Training Program, it examines the strict implementation of the state educational standards, curricula and programs, and sets out recommendations and recommendations on priority issues;

- About the academic, research and spiritual-enlightenment faculties of the faculties, the academic lyceums, the activities of scientific societies under the higher education institution, the results of the admission committee, as well as hear reports of marketing services on the needs of national economy graduates, cooperation with customer organizations and make appropriate decisions;

- discusses the issues of scientific research, spiritual and enlightenment plans, qualification upgrading and retraining of the teaching staff and makes appropriate decisions;

- approves annual and perspective plans of development of the institute, discusses the results of logistical support and financial and economic activities and makes relevant decisions;

- on the issues of opening or discontinuance of faculty and department, as well as on the establishment or suspension of personnel training in new bachelor's and master's specialties, taking into account the proposals of marketing services make a decision;

- Conducts competitions to hold professorial-teaching positions in accordance with the Regulation "On the order of recruiting pedagogical staff on higher education institutions";

- examine the documents of the professors, applicants seeking academic title, and submit them for approval to the academic title in accordance with the established procedure;

- discusses the issues of forming basic skills of graduates and faculty members of the educational institutions on English language skills and computer technologies, access to the Internet;

- Provides the educational process with textbooks, new generation textbooks, as well as issues of preparation and publication of teaching materials based on the application of innovative educational technologies;

- recommends candidates for independent researchers and senior scientific researchers, approves their individual plans and dissertations topics;

- encourages gifted students and professors to pass internships at foreign universities through the Fund "Istedod";

- recommends candidates for gifted students and researchers of the Institute to participate in the Presidential Scholarships of the Republic of Uzbekistan and other prominent state tenders;

- in cooperation with the Fund "Healthy Generation" develops measures to improve the physical education of students and their health;

- the principal customer discusses the issues of developing corporate partnerships with organizations, enterprises and institutions, strengthening the material and technical basis, and increasing the effectiveness of students' qualifications, and develops recommendations for their improvement;

- makes decisions on establishing partnerships with foreign higher educational institutions;

- Listens to the reports of managers of small enterprises, firms and courses involved in educational services and takes appropriate decisions;

- defines measures for improvement of safety and labor protection of students and employees of the Institute;

- solves other tasks related to the activity of the institute.


 The structure of the Council consists of the Rector, Vice-Rectors, Deans of the Institute, Heads of the Departments, Chairperson of the Committee of the Trade Union Committee, Chairman of the Council of the Women's Committee of the Institute and Chairman of the Board of SPC "Kamolot".


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