Training of Trainers (ToT) Gender Equality Module, principles of EU
Training of Trainers (ToT) Gender Equality Module, principles of EU

Based project goal:

This training project is aimed at introducing the curriculum on current European Union research on gender

equality issues into the educational process of the Language Center at the Tashkent Financial Institute.

Our mission is to support the EU and other stakeholders to realize commitments to gender equality,

women’s empowerment and women’s rights through transformative training and learning.

This educational program will be introduced into the educational process through trainings for TOT trainers

on a peer-to-peer basis. In the future, newly minted student trainers will be able to transfer their knowledge

to their peers through seminars.

The participants of the trainings will improve their knowledge and skills in the legal framework of gender

equality in the country, the relevance of gender education and get acquainted with the practice of gender

policy in the European Union. Also, the project participants will become more familiar with the methods of

combating gender stereotypes, discrimination and violations of women's rights, and will also be able to

jointly discuss and develop approaches and strategies in teaching disciplines through the prism of gender

sensitivity at additional events (round table, seminar, conference, training, conversation).

Project duration: this program is designed for 3 years with the subsequent introduction into the educational

environment of all higher educational institutions.

Every year, 5 academic groups of freshmen will be involved in the implementation of this project (more

than 300 students in three years).

Expected results of this project:

  • Extracurricular activities within the Institute's Language Center and language clubs for 40 hours each
  • year for 3 years (total 120 hours);
  • Teaching materials for teaching the module;
  • Conducting seminars, debates and round tables and creative meetings on the subject of the module
  • with the participation of students and invited guests from public organizations.
  • Creation of a web page of the project - and project pages in social networks.
  • Organization of 3 master classes or round tables with representatives of public organizations;
  • Publication of 3 international articles.

The result will be a web page with open access to the module materials, a modernized curriculum and

study guide, 3 research articles.

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