Scientific-Research activity
Scientific-Research activity

The basic directions of scientific-research in the Institute in cardinal improvement of the quality of education, improvement of activity of the postgraduate education institute, scientific potential of professors and teachers are:


      ● To enforce the priority tasks set out in the legislation (Laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Decrees and Resolutions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers, orders of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education, and Resolutions of the Council) aimed at improving the scientific-research activities in the country;


     ● Ensuring the needs of highly qualified personnel and effectively carrying out scientific-research work;


    ● Increasing the number of projects implemented within the framework of the state scientific and technical programs at the institute and the wide involvement of professors, teachers, bachelors and masters and doctoral and doctoral students in these projects;


     ● Increasing the implementation of scientific-research results in the number of economic contracts and integration of science with education and production in cooperation with enterprises and organizations concerned with relevant sectors of the economy;


       ● wide involvement of foreign grants to scientific research directions in the institute;


     ● expansion of international cooperation and scientific contacts with foreign countries;


      ● increasing the effectiveness of the institute of postgraduate education and accelerating the process of defense;


     ● Increase the contribution of the journal "Finance" and the scientific journal "International Finance and Accounting" to increase the scientific potential of the Institute, its role in the national level by enriching the content of the journal, as well as to continue the recognition of its reputation as the most prestigious publication in the world of finance and economics;


      ●  Broad dissemination of teaching staff of the institute to preparation and publication of scientific articles, monographs, manuals and textbooks;


     ● Organization of scientific and practical conferences planned to be held internationally and nationally;


      ● wide implementation of innovative developments (patent, license, inventions) within the framework of specialization at the institute.


The main indicators of scientific research activities of the Tashkent Institute of Finance

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