Department of “Valuation and Investments”
Department of “Valuation and Investments”

General information

Head of Department: Nosirov Egamqul Ismoilovich


Business hours: 1400 – 1700


Phone: (0 371) 234-01-98




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Heads of the Department:

1. 1998-1999 - prof. D.Gazibekov

2. 1999-2000 - Assoc. N. Karimov

3. 2000-2002 - Assoc. M. Sultanov

4. 2002-2003 - Assoc. A. Zhuraev

5. 2003-2006 - Assoc. B. Ganikhozhaev

6. 2006-2015 - Assoc. E. Nasirov

7. 2015-2018 - Assoc. L. Zoyirov

In 2019, the leadership of the department was assigned to Assoc. E. Nosirov.


Department History

    The department “Valuation and Investments” prepares leading specialists and is considered one of the young departments of the Tashkent Financial Institute. The department was formed on the basis of the department "Investments and Securities", and from September 2, 1998, she led her activities as the department "Financing of investment projects." The basis for the organization of the department was the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the implementation of “Reforming the banking and financial system” of February 1998, where the first President of the Republic of Uzbekistan I.A. Karimov was criticized as insufficient use of credit lines of international financial institutions to attract foreign investments in the country's economy, as well as a lack of specialists in the field of financing projects on credit lines.

    At this meeting, tasks were identified to solve the above problems and a decision was made to create specialists in the field of "Project Financing" on the basis of the Tashkent Financial Institute. In order to train specialists in the field of “Project Financing”, in the 1998-1999 academic years, a department of the same name was created at the Tashkent Financial Institute, which was one of the very first departments created in the Republic to train specialists in this area.

    At an extraordinary meeting ( No. 2,  November 5, 2014) of the Council of the Tashkent Financial Institute, on the agenda of which the issue of “Making changes to the organizational structure of the institute”, as well as Order of the rector of the institute dated November 7, 2014 No. 381, on the basis of which changes were made to the composition and structure of the departments "Project Financing" and "Financial Market and Securities". On the basis of  these departments was organized new department "Valuation and Investments".

The composition of the department

    To date, the Department has 21 members, including 1 Doctor of Science with the title of professor, 7 Doctors of Philosophy, including two with the title of associate professor, 7 senior teachers, 5 assistants and 1 senior teacher part-time.

Specialties and areas of study attached to the department:

5231500 – Valuation;

5232700   – Financing investment projects;

5А230603 – Investment Management (by industries and sectors);

5А231501 – Valuation and real estate (by property).

The specialties and areas of study taught by the teaching staff of the department (undergraduate and graduate)

Bachelor degree:

5230200 - Management (by industries and sectors)

5230600- Finance

5230700- Banking

5230800- Taxes and taxation

5230900- Accounting and audit (by sectors)

5231200- Insurance

5231300- Pension business

5231500- Valuation

5232000- Treasury execution of the state budget

5232100- Corporative finance

5232400- Economic security

5232700- Financing of investment projects

5232800- E-Commerce

5230100- Economics (by industries and sectors)

Master's degree:

5A230603 - Investment Management (by industries and sectors);

5A231501 - Valuation and real estate (by property);

5A230602– Corporate Finance and the Securities Market (by fields);

5A230601– Public Finance Management.

Teaching staff of the department

Photo Full name Scientific degree and position e-mail


Khomitov Komil


DSc, Professor
Sabirova Lola Shavkatovna Ph.D., Associate Professor
Zoyirov Laziz Subkhonovich Ph.D., Associate Professor
Saidov Rasulbek Boltaboevich Ph.D., Associate Professor
Raimjanova Madina Asrarovna Ph.D., Associate Professor

Khonova Nodira Fazlitdinovna Senior teacher

Shoislomova Nargiza Qobilovna Senior teacher
Asomkho'jaeva Shoira Shukurullaevna Senior teacher
Saydakhmedova Zahrokhon Djunaydullaevna Senior teacher
Shayakubov Shakhzod Shakabilovich Senior teacher
Qosimova Sayyora Karimjon kizi Senior teacher
Yunusova  Sevara Bakhtiyor kizi Teacher
Aliqulov Mehmonali Salokhiddin ogli Teacher
Shovktov Nodirjon Nematjon ogli Teacher
Mukhammedov Bakhtinur Bakhtiyor ogli Teacher
Aktamov Bobur Mardon ogli Teacher

Educational and methodical  works

   The department currently holds classes in 18 disciplines in bachelor's and master's degrees. The teaching staff of the department has prepared textbooks, teaching aids, training and work programs, educational complexes, workbooks and other guidelines for these subjects.

Scientific work carried out by the professors and teachers of the department:


1. Kosimova Sayyora Karimjon kizi - Possibilities of using foreign experience in assessing the value of business in the Republic of Uzbekistan


2. Yunusova Sevara Bakhtiyor kizi - Issues of improving the public-private sector in financing investment projects


3.Asamkhodzhaeva Shoira Shukurullaevna - Issues of financial support for enterprises in the real sector of the economy


4. Saydakhmedova Zahro Djunaidullaevna - Development of the secondary market for corporate securities in Uzbekistan


5. Shayakubov Shakhzod Shakabilovich - Formation of an effective system of financing innovative activities of enterprises


6. Khanova Nodira Fazlitdinovna - Improving the methodology of managing the cost of a project in the process of implementing investment projects


7. Shoislomova Nargiza илobilovna - Improving the risk assessment of investment projects


8. Sabirova Lola Shavkatovna - Theoretical and Economic Aspects of Gender Relations in a Socially-Oriented Economic Development (DSc)


9. Raimjanova Madina Asrarovna - Improving Attraction of Investments in the Economy of Uzbekistan through the Free Economic Zone (DSc)


10. Alikulov Mekhmonali Salokhiddin ogli - Attracting investments for the development of tourism in Uzbekistan


11. Shovkatov Nodir Nematjon ogli - Possibilities of using international valuation standards in the process of valuation activities in Uzbekistan


12. Shodieva Dildora Khamidovna - Improving the theoretical and methodological foundations of financial support for the innovative development of the national economy


13. Mukhamedov Bakhtinur Bakhtiyor ogli - Valuation of machinery and equipment based on international valuation standards


14. Aktamov Bobir Mardon ogli - Methodological basis for assessing the cost of vehicles

Spiritual and educational works


The teaching staff of the department regularly holds various spiritual and educational events with students, covering the social, economic and political spheres of activity.

The work of the department on innovation and corporate cooperation, the integration of higher education and science and production

The department carries out innovative corporate cooperation with the following ministries, departments and organizations:


Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan;


Foreign company "Osborn textile”

Work with gifted youth

The department holds a number of organizational activities to attract talented young people to research work. In particular, the scientific circle “Young Appraiser” regularly works, where classes are held in the last week of every month with the participation of leading specialists from the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Association of Appraisal Organizations of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Association of Appraisers, Commercial Banks, and the Republican Stock Exchange “Tashkent” , joint-stock companies, insurance companies, leasing companies and other organizations.



Contact information:


Adress:100000, Amir Temur street, 60-A .


Phone : (99871) 234-01-98.




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