General information

 Head of the department:     Umarov Zafar Absamatovich

 Acceptance time: 1400 – 1700

 Phone: (0 371) 234-07-19



Information about professors and teachers of the department

 The first head of the department is Doctor of Economic Sciences, Prof. T.Karaliev headed the department until 2007-2013.

 In 2013-2015, Doctor of Economic Sciences. associate professor N.N.Oblomurodov

 In 2015, the floor. bullet T.Q. Boltaev

 In the years 2015-2016, Doctor of Economic Sciences. B.B.Babaev

 From April, 2016, the department is headed by Doctor of Economic Sciences, associate professor ZAUmarov.

History of the department

      The department of "Accounting and auditing in banks" was founded on the basis of the department of "Banking" according to the order of the rector of the institute in December, 2007 and started its activity from January 1, 2008. Since its inception, the department has been preparing highly qualified specialists for banking, accounting, finance and other sectors of the economy. From 2007 to 2013 till department was the Doctor of Economics, prof. T.Karaliev, from 2013 to 2015 headed by Doctor of Economic Sciences, associate professor. N. Oblomurodov, T.Boltaev in 2015, B.Babaev in 2015-2016 years. Nowadays Z.Umarov is the head of the department.

Staff unity of the chair

      Nowadays there are 1 professor, 8 candidates of sciences, associate professors, 9 senior teachers and 1 assistant. The scientific potential of the department is 47 %.

Educational directions and specializations attached to the department:

  5230700 - Banking business;


  5233900 - Bank account and audit;


  5A230702 - Bank account and audit.

Professors and teachers of the department teaching in the following in directions and specialties (bachelor and master degree)

  Bachelor degree;

 5230900 - Accounting and audit

5231300 - Pension business

5232100 - Corporate Finance

5230800 - Taxes and Taxation

5231200 - Insurance

5231500 - Evaluation

5232000 - Treasury execution of the State budget

5230200 - Management (sphere of services)

5230700 - Banking business

5233900 - Bank account and audit


Master's Degree:

 5A230701 - Banking (by industry);

 5A230702 - Bank account and audit.

Professors and teachers of the department

Photo Full name Academic and educational degree E-mail

Umarov Zafar Absamatovich

candidate of economics
2 Koraliev Turaboy Mamatkulovich Candidate of economics, prof.



Murugova Irina Anatolievna


candidate of economics
4 Sayfiddinov Ilhom Fayziddinovic candidate of economics
5 Otamurodov Xakimjon Xamidovich senior teacher  PhD
6 Raximov Akmal Matyakubovich senior teacher PhD
7 Ernazarov Narmet Saparboevich senior teacher
8 Ganieva Umida Abdugaffarovna senior teacher

9 Babaeva Guzal Yashinovna senior teacher


Yadgarova Malika Lutpillevna

senior teacher

Akhmedova Dilafruz Elshidovna

senior teacher
12 Boltaev Tulkin Kuzievich senior teacher
13 Kurbonov Rufat Baxtiyorovich senior teacher
14 Khudoyorov Oybek Odilovich senior teacher
15 Hudoyberganova Zarofat Zakhidovna assistant

Educational and methodological work

     At the present time, there are 10 subjects in the bachelor's and master's degrees. Professors and teachers of the department issues textbooks, manuals, educational and working programs, teaching materials, workbooks and other methodological guidelines.

Scientific research activity of the department

      The faculty conducts extensive fundamental and scientific-researches on the further improvement of the banking and financial system of the Republic of Uzbekistan. There are scientific works on doctoral dissertations by doctoral students and independent researchers. The department carries out scientific conferences, roundtables and scientific-theoretical seminars on actual problems of banking and finance of the Republic. In recent years, the department has published 5 monographs, 10 textbooks, 3 manuals, more than 30 articles and abstracts in international scientific journals.

Scientific-research work of the department

 candidate of economics, Umarov Zafar Absamatovich - Improvement of accounting and audit of credit operations in commercial banks;

 candidate of economics, Murugova Irina Anatolevna - "Problems of accounting in banks";

 candidate of economics, Sayfiddinov Ilhom Fayziddinovich - "Ways to improve the methodological bases of payment discipline strengthening";

 senior teacher, Ernazarov Narmet Saparbayevich - "Issues of attraction of private capital to the banking system of Uzbekistan";

 senior teacher, Ganieva Umida Abdugafforovna - "Complex Housing Development in the Modern Housing Construction"

 senior teacher, Babaeva Guzal Yashinovna - "Ways to improve the payment system in the Republic of Uzbekistan";

 senior teacher, Yadgorova Malika Lutpillevna - "Development of internal audit in commercial banks";

 senior teacher, Ahmedova Dilafruz Elshodovna - "The Role of Population Deposits in Strengthening the Resource Base of Commercial Banks";

 senior teacher, Boltaev Tulkin Kuzievich - "Improvement of theoretical-methodological bases of exchange rate and its change";

 senior teacher, Kurbanov Rufat Bakhtiyorovich - "Resource base of private banks and ways to strengthen it";

 senior teacher, Hudoyorov Oybek Odilovich - "Issues of accounting and development of off-balance sheet operations of commercial banks of the Republic of Uzbekistan";

 senior teacher, Rahimov Akmal Matyakubovich - "Deposit base of commercial banks and ways of their expansion";

 assistant, Hudoyberganova Zarofat Zakhidovna - "Ways to improve the remote banking services in commercial banks".

Spiritual-educational works

     Spiritually-educational work is carried out on the basis of approved plan. Professors and teachers are guided by the approved plans and work with them on the principle of "Teacher-apprentice". There are regularly held roundtables and meetings with students on various topics. With the participation of students, visits to sightseeing places of Tashkent and the Republic of Uzbekistan are organized.

The international cooperation

     The Department of Banking and Auditing collaborates with leading universities in countries in the field of research, teaching and methodology. In particular, cooperation with the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, St. Petersburg State University of Economics, the Ural State University of Economics of the Russian Federation, and the University of Mara Malaysia.

Innovative and corporative cooperation of the department, the work of higher education in the direction of integration of science and production

 The department conducts innovative corporate cooperation with the following ministries, agencies and organizations:

 - The Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

 - Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

 - All commercial banks.

Educational, methodical and scientific works published by the professors and teachers of the department:

Working with talented youth

     The department carries out a number of organizational work to attract talented young students to scientific research. In particular, the "Young Banker Accountant" club is regularly working, with the involvement of leading specialists from the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan and commercial banks.


     In recent years S. Kholmurodov under the supervision of T.Qoraliev got the scholarship of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, M.Asrarova got the Navoi State Scholarship and Sh.Rajabov got of the President scholarship of the Republic of Uzbekistan under the supervision of Z.Umarov

Contact information

  Address: 100a, A. Temur Avenue, 60a, Banking Faculty, 2 nd floor, Room 209. Metro's "Minor" station.

  Phone: 71-234-07-19


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