Department of "Econometrics and digital economics"
Department of "Econometrics and digital economics"

  General information

  Head of Department:  Toshmatov Zoir Xudayberganovich

  Time of receipt:   1400 – 1700

  Telephone:  (0 371) 234-40-43



Heads of the department

  The Department of Econometrics and Digital Economy was established at the Faculty of Credit and Economics as a result of the merger of the departments of Statistics and Information and Communication Technologies by a decree of the Tashkent Financial Institute (Minutes No. 10 of June 28, 2018). Since its inception, Professor Z. Toshmatov has been in charge of the Department of Econometrics and Digital Economy.

Educational and methodical work

  The faculty of the department conducts lectures, practical and laboratory classes on the topics "Information systems and technologies in economics", "Statistics", "Econometrics", "Information systems and technologies in economics" and "Information security".
In the 2018-2019 academic year, the staffing unit of the department is 16.75 units. (1.75 internal and 0.5 freelance) i.e. 30 professors and teachers.
  Including: 6 professors (doctors of science), 5 assistant professors, 13 senior teachers and 6 teachers.

  And also external specialists are involved in the disciplines "Statistics" and "Econometrics" to improve the efficiency of the educational process.

Research work of the department

  Doctoral students of the department conduct research work on the chosen topic.
  Currently, there are student scientific circles called “Econometrics” and “Digital Economy”, in which more than 40 students actively participate.
  The teachers of the department participate in various organizational and sporting events.
  The senior teacher of the department M. Azizova is a member of the faculty council and the chairman of the board of curators.

Professors and teachers of the department

Photo Full name Educational degee and ranks e-mail


Toshmatov Zoir Xudayberganovich


2 Abdullayev Yorqul prof.


Ayupov Ravshan Xamdamovich




Kenjabayev Aman Turg’unovich


5 Xabibullayev Ibrohim prof.
6 Shadiyev Xamid Azimovich  prof.
7 Xo’jaqulov Xaidmurat Djavliyevich prof. xo’


Ilxomova Yodgorxon Saidaxmedovna 



Azizova Manzura Ibragimovna

Senior teacher
10 Asrayev Umar Mo’minovich  Senior teacher
11 Djamalova Gulnoz Sadritdinovna  Senior teacher

Jumaniyozova Muqaddas Yuldashevna

Senior teacher


Kalanova Aziza Baxadirovna 


Senior teacher
14 Mannonova Shohida Gaybullayevna  Senior teacher


Matniyazov Raxim Rajabovich 


Senior teacher


Mirzayeva Lobar Zuxriddinovna 


Senior teacher
17 Ro’ziyev Abdumalik  Senior teacher ro’
18 Sayfullayev Siddiq Nosirovich  Senior teacher
19 Urunov Ravshan Sadullayevich  Senior teacher


Davletova Zamira Rajabboyevna 




Jamaldinovna  Asalxon Saliyevna


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