THE DEPARTMENT OF "E-commerce and digital economy"
THE DEPARTMENT OF "E-commerce and digital economy"

  General information

 Head of the department:   Yakubov Ulugbek Kasimovich

 Recipient time:  0900 – 1700

 Telephone:  (0 371) 239-28-23



History of the department

 Department of "Electronic commerce and digital economy" was established by the decision of the Council of Tashkent Financial Institute on July 6, 2019 11/11/3 "Changes in the Organizational Structure" of the Faculty of "Budget Accounting and Treasury". In the department "Electronic commerce and digital economy" such subjects as "Information Complexes and Technologies in Economics", "Electronic commerce" are taught.

Information about the Heads of the department

 The first head of the department is Ph.D.,  professor U.Yakubov and he is  still heading  up  the department of "E-commerce".

Staffs of the Department of E-commerce

 The department has one doctor of science, an academic; 3 Doctors of Sciences, Professor; 4 candidates of sciences, associate professors; 5 senior teachers; There are 2 teachers with scientific potential of 53.3%.

Educational directions and specialties attached to the department and taught in the department:

 5232800 - Electronic commerce.

Subjects and specializations of the department

 The Bachelor degree:

5230100 - Economics (by sectors and industries)

5230200 - Management (by branches and industries);

5230600 - Finance;

5230700 - Banking;

5230800 - Taxes and taxation;

5230900 - Taxes and taxation;

5231200 - Accounting and Auditing (by branches);

5231300 - Insurance business;

5231500 - Retirement work;

5232000 - Assessment business;

5232100 - Corporate Finance;

5232400 - Financing of investment projects;

5232700 - Financing of investment projects;

5232800 - Electronic commerce;

5233800 - Financial Technology (by industry);

5233900 - Bank accounting and audit;

5234000 - Budget accounting and control;

5234400 - International monetary relations.

Professors and teachers working in the department

Photo Full name scientific degree and rank e-mail

Yakubov Ulugbek Kasimovich



G’ulyamov Saydahrar




Kenjabayev Aman Turgunovich


4 Ayupov Ravshan Xamdamovich  prof.
5 Ilxamova Yodgoraxon Saidahmedovna PHD
6 Ikramov Maxmudjan Muxamedovich PHD

7 Ro’ziyev Abdumalik Ortig’aliyevich PHD


Azizova Manzura Ibragimovna

senior teacher

Asraev Umar Muminovich

senior teacher
10 Mannanova Shoxida Gaybullayevna senior teacher
11 Matniyazov Raxim Rajabbayevich senior teacher
12 Jumaniyozova Mukaddas Yuldashevna senior teacher
13 Davlatova Zamira Rajjabbayevna senior teacher
14 Mirzayeva Lobar Zuxriddinovna senior teacher
15 Svirin Mixail Nikolayevich assistent

Educational and methodical work

 During its activity the department prepares the leading experts in the banking and financial system of the country, as well as the leading economists in the field.


 The department's professors and teachers are currently teaching 2 subjects in undergraduate programs. The teaching staff of the department prepared textbooks, manuals, training and work programs, teaching materials and other methodological instructions.


 There are 10.5 professors and teachers in the staff of the department. 

Scientific-research activity of the department

 At present time there are 2 subjects in the undergraduate department. The textbook on "Information Complexes and Technologies in Economics" was created by the teachers of the department A. Kenjaboev, Associate Professor Y. Ilhomova and senior lecturer M.Jumaniyazova and professor of Moscow State University named after M.Lomonosov A.Akaev. Coordinating Council has received a grant, manuals, training and work programs, educational and methodical complexes, workbooks and other guidelines.

Spiritual and educational work

 Professors and teachers of the department within the framework of 5 initiatives to improve the spirituality of young people and meaningful organization of their leisure, raised by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan It is planned to carry out large-scale spiritual and educational activities aimed at developing a sense of love for human values and meaningful leisure of students, as well as chess competitions held at the department. Various spiritual and educational events and creative meetings are also planned.  According to the tradition of the disciple-making system, students are assigned to professors and teachers are working to popularize the essence of the wide-ranging socio-economic work carried out in our country in various parts of the country. is underway.

International cooperation

 The department of e-commerce and digital economy cooperates with the leading higher educational institutions of a number of countries in the field of research and teaching. In particular, Bayneri University BINARY GRADUATE SCHOOL (Malaysia) signed an agreement dated August 23, 2018 and established partnerships with the Regional Social Universities of Kazakhstan (Shymkent) (15.01.2018).

Work with gifted youth

 The department is carrying out a number of organizational activities to attract gifted youth to research activities. In particular, the scientific circles are organized in "The Economist in Digital Economy", "Young Technologists", "School of Information Technology REAL-IT".



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