General information

 The head of  department: Oblomurodov Naim Halimovich


 Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor 


 Recipient time : 1500 -1700


 Telephone : (99) 300-57-02



 He was born in 1952 in Urgut district of Samarkand region. In 1974 he graduated from the Tashkent State Pedagogical Institute, Faculty of History, in 1999 - Masters in Finance and Credit from the Tashkent State Economic University. Since 1991 he has been working as an Associate Professor of the Department of "History of Uzbekistan" and from September 2018 he is the head of the Department of "Social Science".

 In 1981 he defended his thesis on "Assistance to Uzbek laborers in the restoration of national and economic institutions of the regions freed during World War II" (1941-1945). In 1994 he successfully defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic "Problems of the development of agricultural production in Uzbekistan (1970-1990)". He is the author of more than 80 scientific articles, abstracts, monographs, manuals and textbooks. In 2011 he was awarded the badge "20 years of independence of Uzbekistan".

History of the social sciences department

 In accordance with the Decree of the First President of the Republic of Uzbekistan of May 13, 1991 and the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated from June 3, 1991, after the establishment of the Tashkent Institute of Finance, the departments “Philosophy” and “History of Uzbekistan” were established.


 Since 1991 “History of Uzbekistan” department was headed by Ph.D. prof. Qamariddin Usmanov, Ph.D. Z. Ziyaev, A. Kholbekov, Ph.D. and Philosophy Department was headed by Doctor of Philosophy, Professor N.Mamatov, PhD, Associate Professor E.Rasulev, Candidate of Political Sciences, Associate Professor I.Masharipov. In 2017, the Department of "History of Uzbekistan" and "Philosophy and Theory and Practice of Building a Democratic Society in Uzbekistan" were united into the Department of Social Sciences. The department was headed by Associate Professor M.M.Primov. In November 2018, the departments of "Social Sciences" and "Physical Culture and Sport" were merged. Currently, the department has 24 members, including 4 doctors, professors, 6 candidates of science, associate professors, 14 senior teachers.


 The department cooperates not only with the universities of the Republic, but also with several prestigious foreign universities. These include the National University of Uzbekistan, Tashkent State Economic University, Tashkent University of Information Technologies, and the Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Reclamation.


 The teaching staff of the department is doing research work on the development of social sciences in our country. In particular, the department has developed measures to implement 5 initiatives proposed by Sh.Mirziyoyev-the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.


 Implementation of the National Program of Personnel Training in the system of education through the introduction of the method of combining the quality and effectiveness of training in higher education institutions, as the main priority in the Strategy actions for upbringing a harmoniously developed generation, independent thinking, responsible for their professional activity and committed to the ideas of independence.


 The motto of the department: "The main purpose is the formation of students’  sense of national pride abilities in scientific observation."

Educational-methodical activities of social sciences department

 The educational process of the department is organized in accordance with the National Program for Personnel Training, the Law on Education and other regulations. All undergraduate students have been trained on the basis of the approved curriculum and the work plan.

 These are the following curriculum of the disciplines:

- “History of Uzbekistan” - 3013 hours;

- Philosophy - 2891 hours;

- Religious Studies - 1756 hours;

- “Civil Society. Development Strategy of Uzbekistan” - 3244 hours;

- “Professional Pedagogy” - 333 hours;

- Theory and practice of building a democratic society in Uzbekistan - 1801 hours;

- Methods of educational work - 167 hours.


 For each of the disciplines taught at the department there are educational-methodical complexes, practical games, case tables, slides, tables and other visual aids which are widely used in the educational process.


 Textbook "Philosophy" by Professors N.Mamatov, Z.Davronov, methodical manuals "Philosophical Problems of Science" by N.Mamatov, G.Abdullaeva, " Religious Studies", “Ethics, Aesthetics. “Logic” by Associate Professor E.Rasulev, Senior Lecturers V.Igoshin, A.Sultonova.”, textbook “National idea: basic concepts and principles” by Prof. Rakhimov, doc.I.Masharipov, senior teacher N.Parpieva, textbook “The history of Uzbekistan” by Oblomurodov N and others,. Usmonov, M. Sadykov and S. Burkhanova published textbooks History of Uzbekistan" for students of higher educational institutions, "History of Uzbekistan" for Grade 5 students, "History of Uzbekistan" for Grade 7 students and many other textbooks were published by the faculty of the department. In addition, the teachers of the department publish textbooks, teaching aids, monographs.


 Teachers of the department use multimedia equipment, presentations in the POWER POINT format, and other computer technologies, audio and video equipment.


 In addition, lectures and practical classes are conducted with the use of handouts, analytical tables, slides and visual aids describing the methods of calculating taxes and other obligatory payments in the country.


  Falsafa ishchi dastur 2019-2020 .pdf  [0.67 mb]


  Falsafa O'UM 2019-2020 .pdf [15.6 mb]


  Стратегия развития узбекистана. Гражданское общество.pdf [9.26 mb]


Innovative activities of the social sciences department

 Since the establishment of the Department of Social Sciences, the teaching staff of the department has been studying and improving their skills in foreign countries through foreign grants. In particular, the senior teachers of the department S.Tulaganova and A.Makhammadiev had an exchange of experience at the Higher School of Economics and Management of the Czech Republic (2013). A.Makhammadiev participated in the Advanced Training Program at the Teri University in India in 2017, and I.Masharipov at the Moscow State University named after Lomonosov in 2019.

Professors and teachers working in the department


Full name

Degree and title E-mail

Oblomurodov Naim Halimovich

DSc., prof. Head of the department

2 Davronov Ziyot Davronovich DSc., professor



Rahimov Samin Rahimovich

DSc., professor  
4 Norboyev To’ra Norboyevich PhD.  
5 Masharipov Ikromjon Batirovich PhD.  
6 Ziyayev Farhod Sobirovich PhD.


7 Pirimov Muhiddin Narzullayevich PhD.



Sultonova Aziza Rixsiboevna

Senior teacher  

Abdullayev Azam Abdiyevich

Senior teacher  
10 Avalova Gulshod Murodullayevna Senior teacher  
11 Burhonova Sabo To’lanovna Senior teacher  
12 Parpiyeva Nargiza Tohirovna Senior teacher  
13 Rahmonov Abdurauf Muhammedovich Senior teacher  
14 Xolbekov Abdujamol Yaxshiboyevich Senior teacher  
15 Okyulov Hasan Omanbayevich Senior teacher  
16 Mahmudov Kamol Samadovich Senior teacher
17 Adilov Farhod Abduvaliyevich Senior teacher  
18 Ahmedov Sohib Saimovich Senior teacher  
19 Mingnarov Abduholiq Tashmirzayevich Senior teacher  

Scientific activity  of social sciences department

 The priority scientific direction of the Department of "Social Sciences" is "Social-philosophical, historical basis of the formation of civil society."


The scientific potential of the department is 46%, including the average age of scientific potential is 55 years. Since the research direction is the most important and integral part of the department's activities, teachers, researchers and researchers are involved in this work.


 The topics of scientific work of the department are approved by the Institute Council.


 The progress of scientific work and the results are discussed at the monthly general meetings of the department. In recent years, teachers and researchers of the department F. Adilov, A. Rakhmonov, A. Sultonova P (H) D, I. Masharipov, T. Norboev are working on their dissertations.


 The teaching staff of the department has a great importance in publishing articles in national and foreign journals, each of them presenting scientific articles that contain the most relevant aspects of their scientific work.


 In the 2018-19 academic year, four monographs by prof. Z.Davronov "Social determinism and economy", prof. NN Oblomurodov "History of taxes in Uzbekistan", "Agrarian manufacturing in Uzbekistan" doc.T.Norboyev “Conceptual and methodological issues of civil society development”, as well as  textbooks “Philosophy”, “Religious studies”, “Development strategy of Uzbekistan. “Civil society” were published by the teaching staff of the department. 46 scientific articles (20 of them in abroad), 100 theses were published.

Spiritual and educational activity of social sciences department

 On the basis of the Institute's plan of work with the youth for 2019-2020, the department of "Social Sciences" has developed a plan of work with the youth and moral education. According to the approved plan, spiritual and educational work in the department of social sciences is carried out during the academic year. The teaching staff of the department is fully involved in spiritual and educational work. In the 2019-2020 academic year, the teachers of the department are actively involved in the spiritual and educational activities held at the institute and faculty level.


 Professors and teachers of the Department of Social Sciences for the purpose of implementation of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated June 27, 2018 № PF-5466 on the state program "Youth - our future!", To develop business skills for young people interested in entrepreneurship and developing entrepreneurial skills in them. They conduct field seminars for students of higher educational institutions in Tashkent.


 According to the schedule of spiritual and educational meetings on further improvement of social and spiritual atmosphere in the mahallas of Yunusabad district, the Department of Social Sciences conducts spiritual and educational events and roundtables on the topics of schools №9 and 96 of Yunusabad district.


 On May 3, 2019 a roundtable on the topic “The role of law enforcement agencies in enhancing the legal culture and awareness of the youth” jointly with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The event was attended by Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Colonel Juraev Muhiddin Utkirovich, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of the city of Tashkent, Lieutenant-Colonel Mahaf Mirjonovich Vafoev, Head of Department for Coordination of Internal Affairs of Yunusabad District, Colonel Saidov Olim Chorikulovich. At the end of the event was shown a documentary film "Dreams of Fortunes".


 According to the letter of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Uzbekistan № 09 / 1-1076 from March 25, 2019, it is planned to organize training of all imams and imams in the Republic on "Actual problems facing religious leaders at a new stage of development of Uzbekistan".


 In accordance with the letter of the Minister of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan №87-02-703 of March 25, 2019 by the order of the rector of the Institute. Z.Davronov and Associate Professor M.Primov were invited by the government to act as lecturers in the training courses for imams and deputy imams operating in Ferghana and Namangan regions.

Contact information with the department of social sciences

 Address: Tashkent, Yunusabad district, A.Temur street, room 60-A, room 107

 Phone: (+99871) 235-60-23




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