Department of ''Taxes and Taxation''
Department of ''Taxes and Taxation''

 Head of the department: AMANOV AKRAM MIRZAEVICH

 Time of receipt: 1400 – 1700

 Telephone:  (+99871) 235-73-62



 He was born in 1976, Jizzak region. In 1998 he graduated from Tashkent institute of national economy, finance-credit faculty. Since 1998 he has been working as a assistant  of “Taxation and isnsurance” department. Since November, 2018 he was appointed as the head of “Taxes and taxation” department, which was opened on the basis of the previous department.

 In  2009 he successfully defended his candidate’s dissertation  on the theme: “Development of dehkan and farmer property taxation”. In 2009 he received the academic title of associate professor. Improved skills in foreign countries. He is the author of more than one hundred thirty scientific articles, thesis monographs, scientific books and tutorials.


 According to the requirements of the transition to the market economy and specialists in the field of tax and insurance, according to the President’s decrees from May 13th, 1993 and the resolution of Cabinet of the ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan from June 3rd 1991, after Tashkent Financial Institute was established in 1993, “Tax and insurance” department was founded on the base of the “Finance” department.

 From September, 1993 department was named “Tax and insurance” and from December 2004 on the base of this department “Taxes and Taxation” “Insurance” departments were founded.  From 2004 to 2018, Professor, Department of Doctor of Economics, Professor Juraev Abdugaffar Safarovich. From 2018 to the present, the department is headed by Candidate of Economic Sciences, docent Amanov Akram Mirzaevich

 The department teaches bachelors on “Taxes and Taxation” direction - 5230800.Department maintains the deep relationships with many higher educational institutions and also collaborates with foreign educational institutions. For example, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation , Russian Economic University named after G.Plehanov, Moscow State University named after M.Lomonosov, Texas A&M University (USA), Higher School of Economics and Management (Czech Republic) and so on.

 In the teaching process of staff carry out researches on actual issues of tax system. As a priority aim, designated national programs adoption in preparation of personnel by using effective methods and quality of teaching at the Institute, and also upbringing harmonically developed generation.

 During this short time of period till present, 18 Doctor’s degree and Candidate’s degree dissertation on different themes which includes 5 Doctor’s and 13 Candidate’s dissertation defended researches.

 Department’s motto: Our main goal is to prepare qualified tax personals (tax authorities).


 «Taxes and taxation» department’s educational – methodical work is organized on the base of National programm of preparing the personnel  according to the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan «About Education» and other normative legal acts. The student are taught on the following  directions: «Taxes and taxation» - 5230800 on the base of confirmed curriculum on nine disciplines.

 On attitude of the general scholastic load of disciplines are divided into follows:

  1.     Taxes and taxation - 196 hours;
  2.     Taxation of juridical person - 320 hours;
  3.     Individuals taxation  - 254 hours;
  4.    Theory of taxes - 126 hours;
  5.    Programming in the tax system - 146 hours
  6.    Tax statistics and forecasting - 100 hours;
  7.    Tax system of foreign countries -126 hours;
  8.    The basis of tax management - 248 hours.
  9.    Tax law – 126 hours
  10.    The basis of professional activity – 30 hours

 «Taxes and taxation» department the personnel (frames) prepares on the direction of the professions of higher education 5230800 - «Taxes and taxation».

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Jo‘raev Abdug‘affor Safarovich


2 Amanov Akram Mirzaevich


Safarov G‘iyosiddin Abdullaevich


I.f.n., dots
4 Bozorov Furqat I.f.n., dots
5 Meyliev Obid Raxmatullaevich  PhD
6 Sanaqulova Barnogul Rizakulovna i.f.d., dots
7 Shirinov Sabir Erkinovich i.f.n., dots.
8 Djamalov Xasan Numanjanovich i.f.n., dots.

Usmanova Muhlisa Sagdullaevna

i.f.n., dots.
10 Ikramov Mahmudjan Muhamedjanovich i.f.n., dots.
11 Qiyosov Sherzod Uralovich PhD, katta o‘qituvchi
12 Berdieva O‘g‘iloy Abduraxmanovna katta o‘qituvchi
13 Artikov Ne’matulla Abdusalamovich Katta o‘qituvchi
14 Shodiev Olim  Abdurahmonovich katta o‘qituvchi
15 Sabirov Mirza Qilichbaevich katta o‘qituvchi
16 Zaripov Xusan Bahodirovich katta o‘qituvchi


 After «Taxes and taxation» department was founded, teaching staff of the department trained on the internship programs abroad on a grant basis. In particular, based on the State Department grant of the US senior teachers of the department A.Inayatov (2004), O.Shodiev (2005) have trained in Texas A&M University, and M.Usmanova (2010), N.Yakubova (2011-2012) – in the Higher School of Economics and Management (Czech Republic). As the result of the foreign visits the plan of measures for projects creation with higher school of management and economics, TEMPUS, Erasmus Mundos.


 Scientific-research works of the department are mainly aimed on improving taxes and the taxation system in the condition of modernization national economy.

 The scientific potential of the department is 60%, including average age of scientific potential is 40 years. Scientific-research direction is a major and integral part of the department that is involved researches of the professor-teachers, researchers, staff and applicants of the department.Topics of scientific-research performed at the department, approved by the Scientific Council of the Institute. Progress of scientific-researches and obtained results are discussed in monthly meetings of the department.

 In recent years, professor-teachers have successfully defended their doctoral (N.Kuzieva, B.Sanakulova) and candidate dissertations (F.Sharipov, I.Niyazmetov, Sh.Sobirov, A.Amanov, M.Usmanova, M.Abishev) of the department.

 The teaching staff of the department published 3 monographs “Methodological basis of taxation of agricultural products”(A.Amanov); “The role of taxes in the development of regional economics”(O.Meyliev); “Providing economic growth by means of the taxation mechanism of small business subjects” (B.Sanakulova), 135 scientific articles, (58 foreign), 345 thesis.

 In 2018, the candidate of the department, Obid Rakhmatullaevich Meiliev, defended his thesis on the topic “Strengthening the effect of taxes in ensuring the stability of the regional economy” in the direction 08.00.07 - “Finance, money circulation and credit” Ph.D. in economics.

 The department signed the agreement on cooperation with “Jahon invest plast”,“Alstar Impex”   and attracted 7 mln. sums. 


 Adress: 60 A, room №206, Street А.Temur Yunusabad district, Tashkent city. Phone: (+99871) 235-73-62 


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