Seminars and trainings
Seminars and trainings

On 13th December training was organized about “Youth manager” by “Imkon Uzbekistan” non-governmental non-profit organization in order to give guidance students in the career path.

Master class was held by Ozodbek Nazarov and Mukhlisa Zokhidova about how to apply for job or internship and preparing for an interview.



On March 6, 2024, students of the Tashkent Financial Institute participated in a seminar organized by the UZBAT company. In this seminar, information was given about the Global Graduate program.

The following issues were discussed during the seminar:

• Making an international career.

•How to get a high paying job.

•Constant learning and development.

•Internship in London and Dubai.

At the end of the seminar, the students addressed the representatives of the UZBAT company with their questions.


On March 6, 2024, a meeting was held between students and representatives of the " KAFIL SUG'URTA " company at the Tashkent Financial Institute. During the meeting, students were informed about the "KAFIL SUG'URTA GRANTI " competition.


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