Department of management of the credit system of education
Department of management of the credit system of education

   General information

 Head of department: Sayfiyev Jasurbek Fazliddinovich






Senior specialist: Rixsiyev Izzatilla Raxmatullayevich




Senior specialist: Makhmudov Abdukhalil Abdurakhmonovich



Methodist: Bahromov Ramziddin Fazriddinovich



Methodist: Mamatqulov Shakhzod Farxodovich



Department of management of the credit system of education

Head of department – Sayfiyev Jasurbek Fazliddinovich

Receipt date: Monday-Friday ( 9:00-18:00 )


Information about department activities

The credit system management department of education was established in order to carry out separate processes of education and student knowledge assessment, to control the introduction of scientific resources developed by departments into the HEMIS system and to ensure their integrity, to improve the skills of professors and students in using the HEMIS platform, and to conduct final inspections.

Main activities of the department:

• Entering the working curricula of specialties and educational areas of the institute into the HEMIS platform and ensuring the integrity of the information in them;

• Summarize the final control assignments submitted by the relevant departments and ensure their inclusion in HEMIS;

• Development of a schedule of final inspections, taking into account the number of auditoriums where exams will be held;

• Organization and control of final inspections of relevant subjects based on the approved schedule of conducting final inspections;

• Regularly updating the database of final control assignments formed from subjects;

• Forming a platform for organizing distance education at the institute, regularly updating its educational and methodological materials and providing technical support;

• Technical support of the system of student evaluation of professors and teachers at the institute;

• Approving the record of students' mastery of subjects after the end of the final inspections;

• Organization of final supervision of re-studying for students who have not mastered the subjects;

• Professional development of professors and teachers on the use of the platform during the academic year;

• Issuance of all documents and letters of entry and exit related to the department;

• Conducting a credit week for students at the faculty on the basis of the approved study schedule;

• Active participation in spiritual-educational and organizational activities carried out in the institute.


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