The department of technical aids of education
The department of technical aids of education

 Head of department: Madaliyeva Gulnora Melsovna


 Phone: +998712347631

 Kodirova Nargiza Erkinovna


 Phone: +998712352310

    The department of technical aids of education is a structural subdivision of the Tashkent Institute of Finance. It was founded in February 1999 to provide the Institute with modern technical aids.

    Madalieva Gulnora Melsovna -Head of the Technical Training Department has been working since 2003.

The main tasks of the department are:

    • Improvement of the quality of training of graduates of the institute through the introduction of modern technical aids and educational technologies Provision of classrooms with technical training will be achieved by improving the material and technical base of the Institute.


    • Improvement of technical training of the Institute staff. Work with technical aids and new educational information technologies (introduction of networking tools, language programs in language laboratories) to the methodical manuals of the Institute's professors. Organization of use of modern technical manuals in the educational process of the Institute.


   • Provide the learning process at all levels with technical tools (students, teachers, staff of the Institute).


   • Providing technical, methodological assistance to faculties and departments in the full and comprehensive use of computer and multimedia equipment in the educational process.


   • Provide mentoring and training to teachers on the basics of TAE and equipment maintenance.


   • Consultation with the faculty regarding the use of technical manuals in the learning process.


   • Ensure compliance with the methods and means of implementation of TAEs in accordance with applicable norms and requirements.


   • Promptly research and research promising new trends in the field of new technologies, devices and equipment.


   • security, development and implementation of new technologies, maintenance.


   • Support, introduction and development of new teaching technologies.


   • Performance of work on the profile of the Center by order of departments of the Institute.

The main tasks of the department are

    • Studying the main directions of using technical aids in the educational process.


    • Use of computer, multimedia equipment in the learning process. Queuing in multimedia classes (key collection, control over equipment performance and availability, teacher support).


    • Organization and regular updating of TAE.


    • Gathering, summarizing and systematizing the applications of the Departments and, accordingly, drawing up a schedule for the provision of training sessions with technical manuals.


    • Participation in the development of new technologies for the training of students, doctoral students and other categories of staff.


    • Maintenance, service  and repair of the equipment and equipment that comprise TAE.


    • Participation in the distribution of TAE by its divisions.


    • Take the necessary steps to introduce modern equipment and systems.


    • Introduce advanced teaching methods and ensure the use of technical means in organizing the learning process.


    • Participation in unplanned activities of the Institute while providing technical training.


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