"Memoring Abdullah Qahhor"

"Memoring Abdullah Qahhor"

On May 24, 2023  a spiritual and educational event was organized by "Economics" faculty of Tashkent Institute of Finance on the theme of "Memoring Abdullah Qahhor" on Alley of writers.

Member of the Union of Writers, poet Muhammad Siddiq and editor-in-chief of "Yoshlik" magazine, poet Nurillo Chori took part in the event as guests. Poet Muhammad Siddiq, along with telling interesting information about the writer, read examples of his poetic creations.

The editor-in-chief of "Youth" magazine, poet Nurillo Chori spoke about the writer's creative path. It is no exaggeration to say that this information is another news for our students.

Jabborova Sevinch, a talented 1st-year student of the faculty, touched on the life and work of the writer and gave detailed information about the story of "The Patient".

16:12 / 2023-05-25
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