Information about the department of scientific researches, innovations and scientific-pedagogical cadres training
Information about the department of scientific researches, innovations and scientific-pedagogical cadres training
 Head of the department: Nasurova Kamolakhan Ravshanovna

 Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professo

 Contact info:
 Time of receipt:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 1400-1600; Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday : 1000-1200;
 Phone: (71) 234-01-88


Main objective of the department

 Main objective of the department: Main objective of the department is to carry out scientific researches on development of basics of training and retraining of managerial personnel in the framework of scientific directions of the institute in the implementation of reforms in socio-political, economic and spiritual-cultural spheres.
The department carries out its activities in the field of scientific research and grant projects in coordination with faculties, departments, department of cadres as well as with other relevant departments

The department has functions

The department has 3 main functions:
– regular monitoring of the development and implementation of the university’s research plan;
– organizing the process of admitting basic doctoral students, doctoral students and independent researchers to the university, approving individual work plans for researchers and regularly monitoring their implementation;
– assistance in conducting scientific events by departments, such as scientific seminars, international and national conferences and symposiums, informing the general public about scientific recommendations arising from these events.

At the same time, the department performs the following activities based on the following tasks:
– assistance in expanding the scope of scientific developments and increasing their economic efficiency by intensifying the research processes of departments, improving the quality of their regulatory, methodological and information resources;
– expansion and coordination of work carried out in departments within the framework of innovation and corporate cooperation between ministries, committees, organizations and industrial enterprises and science, education and industry;
– organizing cooperation with the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Ministry of Innovative Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan and other organizations, ensuring the exchange of information;
– development of a database of scientific publications, formation of a sustainable system of scientific research using literature and statistical data;
– control and monitoring of the implementation of the research work plan set out in the personal work plan of the university teaching staff;
– establishment, development and strengthening of scientific and practical connections with foreign research, consulting and training centers in cooperation with foreign universities, research centers and institutes;
– ensuring the introduction of scientific novelty in researchers’ dissertations into the educational and research activities of the university, assistance in obtaining certificates of use of the results;
– development and implementation of a system of moral and material incentives for the best research work, the establishment of special awards;
– organization of qualification and additional examinations for researchers;
– fulfillment of other duties related to university professors and teachers.

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