The department of "Audit and economical analysis"
The department of "Audit and economical analysis"

History of the department

Department "Audit and economic analysis" was established on the basis of the order of the Rector of November 20, 2018 year on association of departments "Audit" and "Financial analysis".

Educational-methodical work of the department

According to the approved curriculum the following disciplines are taught at the department:


   On Bachelor degree cources:

Economical analysis;

• Financial analysis;

• Audit;

• Audit features in services.

On Master degree cources:


• Analysis of the financial condition

      of economic entities;
   • Practical audit;
   • International audit;
   • Internal audit;
   • Audit of financial statements.


The department being a basic department provides educational services for training in the direction of education "Accounting and Audit", for training in the field of "Accounting", "Audit", as well as for all areas of education "Economics".

The teachers of the department carry out systematic work on updating the internal (Internet) platform of electronic complexes in the disciplines based on the modular system.

For the 2018-2019 academic year, educational and methodological complexes for all the taught disciplines have been updated and decorated in the proper manner. During the academic year, educational and methodological complexes are improved on the basis of laws adopted by the country's leadership, decrees of the President, government decisions, new changes in the current legislation.

When conducting lectures and practical classes, teachers widely use modern pedagogical and information technologies, new theoretical knowledge and practical skills acquired in the process of improving their skills.

The department has close cooperation with the Financial Academic Lyceum of  TFI, secondary special school No. 321 of the Yakkasaray district of Tashkent and professional colleges, on the basis of concluded contracts, teachers of the department take an active part in teaching, research and spiritual-educational work.

Scientific-research work of the department

The research work of the department is aimed at forming a scientific school and enhancing its role, as well as increasing the effectiveness of research works.



Teachers, senior teachers, applicants, masters and doctoral students take an active part in the research work of the department. Currently, each member of the department on the approved topics of scientific work conducts research work. Research work and the results obtained are discussed at the general meeting of the department

.In particular, “Improving the methodology of financial analysis” (Z.Sagdillaeva), “Main issues of improving managerial accounting of costs according to the standard-cost system” (O.Masharipov), “Improving the methodology for accounting and auditing financial results” (A.Avlokulov), “Practice rating assessment of the financial condition and its improvement”(N.Kalandarova),“ Improving the methodology for evaluating the effectiveness of innovation activity”(M.Rakhimov, A.Ruzmamatov),“ Improving the analysis and assessment of the creditworthiness of the economic entities”(N.Mavlonov),“ Improving the assessment of materiality and audit risk during an audit”(I. Sherimbetov),“ Improving the methodology of the use of the use of the flow of function codes of the use of call for work on this code will be used in the use of this code. ), “Improving accounting and economic analysis at water enterprises” (M.Amirdinova), “Improving accounting and analysis of tax payments” (A.Abdullaev), “Improving analysis of profitability indicators  of joint stock companies ”(M.Ismailova), “Improving the methodology of investment analysis in terms of the innovative development of the economy” (O.Astanakulov), “Fundamentals of the methodology for analyzing the foreign economic activity of subjects of the national economy” (U.Yakubov), “Improving indicators of resource use efficiency” (N. Samadova), “Improving accounting and analysis of energy enterprises ”(I.Urmanbekova), Improving the procedure for the preparation of the consolidated financial statements and conducting an audit” (I.Avazov), “Improving accounting and analysis of innovation activities” (Sh.Kurbonov).


Spiritual and educational work

Special attention at the department is paid to educating young people of social, political and ideological views, developing a sense of respect and devotion to our spirituality, our values and traditions. Spiritual and educational work is carried out on the basis of an approved plan.

The teachers are guided by the approved work plans and work with them according to the principle “Tutor-student”. Round tables and meetings with students on various topics are held regularly. During the acamedic year, meetings are organized with prominent scientists, cultural figures and politicians

Contact information:


Location: 100000, A. Temur avenue, house 60a.


Phone: (99871) 235-80-77




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