Department of Financial Management
Department of Financial Management

Elmirzaev Samariddin Eshkuvatovich

Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor


  Elmirzayev Samariddin Eshkuvatovich was born on November 10, 1982 in Samarkand region. Nationality is Uzbek. He has married and has two children.

  In 2006 he graduated from the direction of bachelor degree “Taxes and Taxation” in the Tashkent Institute of Finance and Master degree of the direction “Taxes and Taxation” in 2008.

  He has been working at the Tashkent Institute of Finance since 2008 as well as the Head of the Department of "Financial Management" Since March 2018.

  In 2012, he successfully defended his PhD thesis in the speciality 08.00.07 - “Finance, money circulation and credit”.

  In 2017, he defended his DSc thesis.

  During the time of scientific and pedagogical activity S.Elmirzaev has published 3 textbooks, 2 electronic textbooks, 4 textbooks, 5 monographs, 30 scientific articles (in three developed countries), 2 software products and more than 40 scientific theses.

  S.Elmirzaev takes an active part in the development and implementation of state educational standards, curricula and programs.

  He is a demanding leader, a caring mentor, promoting education for a harmoniously developed generation and has showed himself as one of the patriotic scientist, a guide to talented students, researchers and doctoral students

History of the department


In the condition of modernization of the economy, there has been a need for

the financial management specialization like a range of specialities in the improvement and reformation of the education system.

Tashkent Institute of Finance is a basic educational institution providing financial and economic specialists to the branches of the economy. In 2001, the Department of "Finance and Credit" was established under the Master's Degree Department of the Institute. Since 2004, the department has been called "Financial Management" and now it is a part of "Management" faculty. The department was headed by prof. B.E.Tashmuradova. The Doctor of Economic Sciences S.Elmirzayev has been working as the head of the department From March 28, 2018.

In the short term, the material and technical base of the department was strengthened and equipped with the necessary equipment and communication with the practical support of the management of the institute. Young specialists have been involved in the scientific and pedagogical activity of the department.

There are 20 pedagogical staff in the department, including 3 professors and doctors of sciences, 8 PhD and candidates.

According to approved curriculum, the following subjects are taught by the department:

Bachelor's Degree:

 • Financial management;

 • Corporate Finance;

 • The financial market.

Master’s Degree:

 • Corporate Governance;

 • Corporate financial strategies;

 • Corporate tax management;

 • Exchange work;

 • International Financial Market.

The teaching-methodical complexes on all disciplines are updated and approved annually in accordance with the established procedure. During the academic year, they are improved. In particular, the curriculum complexes and modern textbooks are updated and enriched taking into account the adopted laws, decrees of the President, government decisions and amendments and addenda to existing laws. Pedagogical staff of the department are widely using pedagogical and information technologies in their lectures and seminars on the basis of their experience in the field of professional development.

The following textbooks, manuals, monographs and methodical manuals have been published in recent years:

 • S.Elmirzayev. Zamonaviy korporativ boshqaruv. Darslik. – T.: Iqtisod-moliya. 2019. – 412 b.

 • S.Elmirzayev. Korporativ moliya. Darslik. – T.: Iqtisod-moliya. 2019. – 412 b.

 • S.Elmirzayev. Korporativ soliqlarni rejalashtirish. Darslik. – T.: Iqtisod-moliya. 2019. – 412 b.

 • B.Toshmurodova, S.Elmirzayev, N.Tursunova. Moliyaviy menejment. Darslik. – T.: Iqtisod-moliya. 2017. – 338 b.

 • B.Toshmurodova, S.Elmirzayev, N.Tursunova. Moliyaviy menejment. Elektron darslik. – 2016.

 • S.Elmirzayev, J.Qurbonov. Korporativ moliya. Elektron darslik. – 2016. – 412 b.

 • B.Toshmurodova, S.E.Elmirzayev, Korporativ moliya strategiyasi, O`quv qo`llanma. – T.: Iqtisod-moliya, 2013. – 128 b.

 • B.Toshmurodova, O.Xamdamov, Moliyaviy menejment. O`quv qo`llanma. – T.: Iqtisod-moliya. 2012. – 160 b.

 • Toshmurodova B., Elmirzayev S., Korporativ soliq menejmenti. O`quv qo`llanma. – T.: Mumtoz so‘z. 2010. – 104 b.

 • A.Botirov, S.Elmirzayev. Kichik tadbirkorlik subyektlarini soliqqa tortish amaliyotini takomillashtirish yo‘llari. – T.: Tamaddun, 2013. – 164 b.

 • J.Isakov, Xizmat ko‘rsatish sohasini rivojlantirishda kreditning roli va uning samaradorligi. – T.: Iqtisod-moliya, 2012. – 228 b.

 • J.J.Qurbonov, S.E.Elmirzayev. Korporativ moliya-fanidan elektron darslik. 04.04.2016-y. DGU 03695 .

 • J.J.Qurbonov. Intellekt tezkor savol-javob electron dasturi. 11.11.2015-y. DGU 03418.

Cooperation of the department with higher educational institutions and scientific institutions


1. The department cooperates closely with the relevant higher education institutions of the republic, in particular, with the cooperation the teaching staff in the field of educational and methodical and research work on the preparation of doctors of science among financial professions of TSUE.

2. The department participates actively in scientific seminars with the scientific-educational center of corporate governance.

3. Monographs and booklets are being prepared with the Banking and Finance Academy of the Republic of Uzbekistan and scientific and theoretical conferences are being organized.

4. Teachers of the department have participated in international scientific and practical conferences in Germany, Russia, Korea, Kazakhstan and Malaysia during the academic year. In the future, it is planned to establish international links and organize scientific and practical conferences within the framework of research and development literature with the Finance University under the Government of the Russian Federation.

Research work


The scientific direction of the department is mainly focused on "Actual issues of corporate governance" and doctoral candidates, independent researchers and staff are widely involved in the research work of the department.

During the period 2017-2019, two doctors and four PhDs were prepared.

Over the last 3 years, 7 software products have been patented.

Additionally, 5 monographs, more than 50 articles, more than 10 international scientific articles have been published.

Spiritual and educational work


Special attention should be paid to raising socio-political and ideological outlook among young people, the formation of a sense of respect for our spirituality, our values ​​and traditions, the spiritual and educational work today. The spirituality in the minds of young people is the core of spiritual-enlightenment work carried out by the department. The department conducts various spiritual and educational activities, as well as weekly activities in the department on the basis of spiritual-educational work plan.

Two professors are involved in groups as a curator.

Activity of the "Financial managers" under the Department of "Financial Management"


O.Khamdamov, the head of the "Financial Managers", works with gifted students and conducts scientific research work with talented students in various fields of "Financial Management" and "Corporate Finance".

The scientific circle of "Financial managers" of The Department of "Financial Management" in the Faculty of "Financial Management carries out the following activities with talented students:

 • Identifying and selecting talented students, organizing their targeted training depending on their tendency;

 • Developing a program for the formation and development of talented students;

 • Identifying periodically the intellectual potential of gifted students who are trained;

 • Training talented students on independent research;

 • Creating and promoting talented students with deep and in-depth knowledge of their academic knowledge in the field of curriculum on independent research.

Contact details:

Address: 100000, Amir Temur Avenue, 60 a.

Phone: (99871) 235 37 48



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