Intercollegiate sports complex
Intercollegiate sports complex

 Director: Tashpulatov Farhad Alisherovich


 Telephone number: (71) 237-51-45

History of intercollegiate sports complex

 Such kind of laws like “About education” , “ About national program of training the staff ” , “About Sports” operate to provide the performance of “Program of measures aimed at the realization of the state youth policy in 2016 in Republic of Uzbekistan”.


 State policy in the sphere of training the staff means comprehensive formation of a competent person by system of continuing education related to the person’s intellectual and spiritual and moral upbringing. 


 Our main aim is to help develop   from intellectual and physical points of view which are considered one of the   most important constitutional rights of citizens of Republic of Uzbekistan. Sports complex is considered  an indoor and outdoor building which meets its established norms and standards and   which is  specialized   for holding sporting events and public  sporting events ,conducting training sessions and its objective includes physical developing and physical preparation by developing from the intellectual and physical points of view  developing, developing his abilities and activity ,forming different healthy lifestyle skills, organization of different types  physical education  and physical culture in order to adapt socially.


 Intercollegiate sports complex was accepted to the balance of institute from №13 AVIZO and Single Customer Service Engineering Company under the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education in August 18, 2014 and is operating on the basis of regulation 8/7.2.  of Council of Tashkent Financial Institute which was developed and approved in March 26, 2015 .

The main objectives of the university sports complex

 Creation of conditions for having good time and for engaging in sports for professors-teachers, staff and their family members of Tashkent Financial Institute, also other citizens;


 Provision of  organization and holding of intercollegiate organized complex sports competitions, seminars and training courses;


 Organization and control of providing services to people engaged in sports within established norms;


 Provision of sanitary-epidemiological requirements to respond to the needs of the playgrounds;


 Organization of rational use of property that belongs to   the intercollegiate sports complex;


 Organization of public events, sporting and training courses established in the laws and regulations of Republic of Uzbekistan;

Activity of intercollegiate sports complex

1. Swimming pool;

2. Football;

3. Tennis;

4. Basketball;

5. Volleyball;

6. Badminton;

7. Training apparatus;

8. Organization and holding sports games.


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