Student accommodation No.1
Student accommodation No.1

Information about student accommodation No.1

At the Tashkent Institute of Finance

Student accommodation No. 1 of Tashkent Institute of Finance is situated in the  4th  lane, A.Hidoyatov  street,  Olmazor district. This student residence is composed of   4-floor, 235 seats, 2 and 3 person are available rooms. Each floor has rest rooms, dining rooms, laundry rooms, locker rooms, equipped with modern requirements. To engage students to be healthy and strong a sport  room equipped with a variety of sports equipment. Medicine poured out of the room for the health of students. In order to be informed world events as well as events in the country  students accommodation is supplied with 11 types of recent issues of newspapers and magazines. There a library for the  students in the  students’ accommodation. Professor –teachers’ staff  and  employers staff organized on duty  during day and night.

Photographs from Student accommodation # 1


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