Youth alliance
Youth alliance

Head of the department : Mahmudov Kamol Samadovich


Contact information:


Reception time : Every day 0900-1700


Phone: (998 71) 235-41-83   



    The primary organization of the Youth Union of Uzbekistan in Tashkent Financial Institute has united 3976 students. According to the normative-legal acts, its functions include social protection of students, learning about their proposals and desires, supporting the first steps in their independent life, organizing their leisure time meaningful, upbringing of perfect human qualities in them, forming a sense of ownership of intellectual property, supporting initiatives and innovations and uniting students around the Youth Union.

The Board of primary organization of the Youth Union in Tashkent Financial Institute consists of 13 members.


Board structure:


  1. - Leader of the primary organization
  3. - First deputy of the leader
  5. - Leader of direction in working with active and talented young people
  7. - Leader of initiative and youth entrepreneurship
  9. - Leader of direction in monitoring the quality of the educational process
  11. - Leader of direction in working with students who completed military service
  13. - Assistant of the leader in direction of  spiritual-educational affairs
  15. - Leader of direction of the youth tourism
  17. - Leader of direction of sport and health
  19.  - Leader in working with socially vulnerable and disabled students
  21.  - Press secretary, head of the youth media group
  23.  - Leader of direction on working  with students' appeals


The clubs  "Yosh Posbonlar", theater club "Moliyachi" , "Zakovat", "Club of Merry and Resourceful", "Patriot", "Debate" are actively working.


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